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g&g cycles of roswell

G & G Cycles of Roswell – A new shop in town!

[Roswell, Georgia] – G & G Cycles of Roswell, a motorcycle repair shop, opened its doors in 2017 after owner Shawn Guinther branched off independently. Following 13 years in the industry, Guinther pursued his dreams to open an independently owned, dealership alternative, offering quality work at affordable prices. “We are a one-stop, full service shop for all American V-Twin and Metric models,” said Guinther, stating that they believe in treating your motorcycle like their own.


Prior to opening G & G Cycles of Roswell, Guinther co-owned another motorcycle repair shop in Woodstock with a friend. Two years of co-running the business gave Guinther the experience and confidence to open his own shop under the independent brand. Guinther, who graduated from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) in 2004, is a family man, who enjoys spending time with his wife and two children when he isn’t at work.


G & G Cycles of Roswell takes pleasure in being locally owned and operated. They don’t have shareholders, so there is no need to inflate prices to meet a quota. The convenience and personal relationship tendered is easy and authentic, with Guinther being available in the shop most days for you to meet. MediaLinkers Web Design’s owner even stopped by with short notice to congratulate Guinther on his successful website launch, and assisted in filming a short video on services offered by G & G Cycles of Roswell, which can be seen here.


Motorcycle enthusiasts with a repair need will love the services that G & G Cycles of Roswell has to offer. In honor of their launch, they are offering a special on LED lighting! They are a distributor for Custom Dynamics LEDs, and also offer a free installation of any LED turn signal kit when purchased with your LED headlight kit. This offer ends soon, so don’t wait!


About G & G Cycles of Roswell

Shawn Guinther opened the doors to G & G Cycles of Roswell in 2017 and offer a full range of services, maintenance, and accessories for most makes and models of motorcycles. Locally owned and operated, G & G Cycles of Roswell takes pride in affordable prices and quality workmanship.  For more information, visit our web site at

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View and Ask Launches New Type of Buy & Sale Site!

[Kennesaw, Georgia] – Zachary Jensen, CEO and Founder of View and Ask launched, an online marketplace where you, the buyer, can view and ask questions about the item for sale. You can also list your own items, such as an old watch, a sports collection, or even a car, and then add pictures or video of it.   “I was sick and tired of being burned online seller after seller” said Jensen. “I always seemed to be giving the seller the benefit of the doubt, and after wasting so much time and money, I set out to find a solution to the online buying problem.”


View and Ask incorporates live two-way video conferencing so that you can see for yourself how the item looks or works, which is useful in cases such as if you are making a sale that requires you to drive a bit to meet. You can search for items by keyword, the state you reside in, or a specific category. Privacy was a concern for each step of the development process, noting that each user has control over what information they allow others to see.


“Along the way, I have added a few extra features like the Blooper Zone,” chuckled Jensen. “My goal for this idea is to bring the trust back to online buying one sell at a time.” Jensen hopes to add additional features and functionality as they grow, through the help of MediaLinkers Web Design, who was contracted for the branding, web design, and development of the website. Charlie Jensen, Zach’s father, and part of his team was thankful to MediaLinkers for their “vision, experience, and guidance leading to the successful launch of”.


In honor of their launch, View and Ask is offering FREE listings for all items, so list away! However it is not mentioned for how long, so make your way over to now before this deal is expired.



About View and Ask is committed to offering a premier online buying and selling platform that integrates the latest technologies for user economy, honesty, integrity, and security. Launching its new website this past summer,’s online system provides an anonymous, two-way visual communications system that allows a buyer to see and speak with a seller in real time and, at the same time, to visually inspect the item being sold without exchanging personally identifying information. For more information, visit our web site at


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Google Adwords Program with Lending Club in Testing Waters

Google Adwords Program with Lending Club in Testing Waters

A lot of Adwords advertisers have received emails from Google about the loan offers from the lending club. The loans are specifically used for funding the Adwords advertising campaigns. According to the email message, a loan offer is made to help the business owners in financing their Adwords advertising.


However, this is a limited test and according to the Google spokesperson, they are running a small referral test on the new potential payment options, as part of the ongoing work of delivering advertising solutions.


The AdWords business credit card program has been phased by Google on February 1st, 2015. Google also partnered up with the credit card program of banks, launching it in the UK and US in the year 2012. This has given smaller businesses access for crediting their Adwords campaigns. This new lending club program can be the replacement option for that program if it works out.


The Lending club marketplace, lenders focus on the customer peer to peer lending. In April 2015, the lending club joined forces with the Alibaba group and Google, for work services securing the low-interest loans. The Google funds those loans itself, lending the club powers a customized and automated underwriting process for Google. For those who don’t know the entire picture, Google was also an early investor in the Lending club.


As for the long experiment by Adwords, Google is referring leads to the lending club, not offering the landing. If the loan is approved, the club makes sure to facilitate funding the business’s Adwords account directly.


For the latest news, stay tuned to the blog of Medialinkers and check out the latest Medialinkers testimonials for knowing the type of work we deliver!

Share Button is Now Live! was a six month project which has successfully been launched thanks to long hours, and intense dedication from all parties. Looking to save time and money within his own business, Dave DeSantis, CEO and Founder of and local business The Jammin Pie, decided to develop a macro interface that allowed him to analyze and determine the best price of his regular inventory purchased. This proved to be exhausting and extremely time consuming.


“The worst part about the four hours it took just going through two vendor lists, was knowing that when Friday came, most of the prices would change based on market fluctuation,” said DeSantis.


The successfulness behind his initial experiment led to savings of over $12K for the first year, approximately 12% in his supply costs. Realizing the additional benefits that occurred from competition, and the basic economics behind supply and demand, DeSantis ventured out to find a web development company who could replicate and improve his spreadsheet on a BIGGER scale.


After talks with various web development companies, MediaLinkers Web Design‘s small business approach appealed to DeSantis.


“I realized a lot of different companies are overpaying for goods.” DeSantis worked alongside MediaLinkers‘ Chief Technical Officer M. Sajjad in improving his original spreadsheet, and converting it over to an easy to use web interface. Profitability can be achieved much easier with technology and competition working for you. There are various ways that can benefit your business; don’t miss out on the free trial from now until the end of June 2015.

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Newly Launched Websites

MediaLinkers has been hard at work, creating new designs for their client’s visions. In the last few months, the Project Coordinators and programmers at MediaLinkers had a total of five newly launched websites in Fall of 2014, of which three of those were redesigned websites, and the other two were new to the online world.  The value of your talent to create custom designed websites lies in your ability to work in any field, and MediaLinkers does just that. We worked with non-profit organization Georgia Cares, new author Marilyn Pierce, MacConnell Research, a marketing research firm,, an online store for state souvenirs and collectibles, and Advanced Ops International, a company that creates less-lethal proprietary weapons and other security devices.


MediaLinkers worked with all five clients to find out their individual needs and wants, and created a proposal and quote, free of charge, before drafting a contract and starting on their project. Each client viewed a few custom prototype designs of website layouts, including their choice color scheme, navigational links, and home page features, and they were allowed unlimited changes to achieve their desired look. Once design changes, if any, were made, their prototype went to a short development stage, where our developers created and built the code for all of the needed pages. All of the newly launched websites chose to have some version of a content management system, either our CMS tailored to fit their website needs, WordPress with a design we build and integrate solely for that client, or both.


Specific features were requested or included to add flair to each website. Georgia Cares, using a custom content management system, has PayPal integration for their donations. Marilyn Pierce, who has a design with WordPress integrated for her blog, and a custom CMS for the other pages of her site, has a moving testimonial flip book and PayPal integration for purchasing her book. Advanced Ops International has a product setup similar to an e-Commerce website, however we have changed the purchase option to a web form that a potential buyer can fill out to contact them for purchasing, something that is only easy to do with a custom CMS. They also took advantage of MediaLinkers’ content writing and videography services for the content on their site.


MacConnell Research opted to have a brand new design to match their brand new office, located in Lenox Square Mall. A custom CMS allows new registration through their website, and the information is sent to their online database. wanted a redesigned website that included a dynamic U.S. map to showcase their state souvenirs, and their products are easily managed through a  e-Commerce plugin with a custom-programmed design. MediaLinkers was able to then successfully merge the site’s PayPal Pro, security enabled features, and its WordPress CMS together.


The option of choosing a CMS built according to your requested features, or using a platform such as WordPress, is always up to the client. Usually, it depends on the budget set for each project, but many chose to use MediaLinkers’ CMS, as it is more user friendly, and can be easily modified, added on to, and programmed to control specific features on your website. No project is too complicated or out of reach for us, and we are completely upfront as to the cost and time involved. Every client that works with us is given a time frame for MediaLinkers to complete their project, and we work hard to stick to it. The owners of MediaLinkers newly launched websites worked together with us, day and night, to make sure everything was perfect and ready when it was time to flip the switch. And the support does not stop when your site goes live; before we even start the design, we include a set term of tech support for your newly launched website free of charge!


Striving for affordable, dependable, and one-stop services, MediaLinkers has options for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you want a newly launched website, marketing, or a database,  content writing, mobile app development, or hosting/domain services, MediaLinkers has it all covered. Contact us today for a FREE consultation, and let us show you how we can improve your online business tools!




newly launched websites newly launched websites newly launched websites newly launched websites newly launched websites

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How Google’s Panda 4.1 Affects Your Website

Have you thought about what factors come into play when people search for your site on search engines? Or what helps your page appear near the first page in organic search results? Google has long since publicized the ingredients that make up the algorithm they use to determine search results. This formula is designed to help consumers find more valuable and relevant websites, and reduce the number of sites that appear that are not. Recently, Google has updated the algorithm to reward quality web pages. The biggest deciding factor in the equation is content. Google has figured out a way, like many of their other ventures, to automate the assessment of the quality of your web page.


This algorithm, which is one of three related, that Google has successfully created and continues to update and modify periodically, is called Panda. While the Penguin algorithm deals with unnatural links used to cheat and up a websites positioning, and the Hummingbird algorithm, which focuses on understanding what people mean when they search, Panda is a whole different ballgame.


Through three key processes, Google is able to determine that you have a site, see what is on that site, and store that sites’ information in a database to recall when a user enters a query on its search engine.  When these actions are performed, Google initiates a fresh, quick quality score base on Page Rank, and a number of other factors to determine where each entry should show on the search engine. Panda, with its most recent update to 4.1 (September 2014), is formulated to boost more websites of higher quality to the top of your search results, and to demote lower quality sites to the bottom. What Google agrees is good quality, depends on the content of your site. There are three things that could affect your site’s quality rating, an in return, affect your position in search results.


  1. Not having enough content. Usually, pages with little to no content are very little help to users who are looking for something. Within that content must be actual text. Google’s bots that are used to crawl and index your site, often have difficulty navigating websites overloaded with pictures and videos. You can of course have media of that nature on your page, but you don’t want that to be your only source of information you offer. If you have a good number of pages that does not present any value to the user, Panda will mark your entire website as low quality.


  1. Duplicate or non-original content. Google has gotten very adept at figuring out if you are the source or creator of the content, or if you copied from another source. Not in the sense that you are plagiarizing, but the Panda algorithm can tell if you have content on your website that was created on another site. Likewise, if you have a lot of duplication on your site, such as numerous pages with almost the exact same content, Google will identify this as duplicate content. E-Commerce sites usually are affected by this the most, depending on product colors and size they carry.


  1. Low quality or poor content, i.e. little to no value. It is not enough to simply add content to your page, even if it is original. There must be some value to what you publish. This means you cannot merely write content for the sole purpose of adding non duplicated content. Your site must be engaging to users, and relevant to what they are looking for. This includes spam comments on your site. If people are not commenting, or commenting about spam over and over, Google will mark it as low quality.


These issues can seem relatively easy to fix, but it can take a lot of time and effort. The Panda algorithm refreshes approximately once a month, however Google only announces major updates, and usually it’s those updates that are announced that will make the most impact to improve your standing. Google does listen to site owners when they have concerns about the impact that Panda has on their site, in addition to users who want the most relevant, quality sites when they enter a search query. MediaLinkers has listened as well, adding to the staff, a content writer that can provide quality content that fits the criteria that Google deems as quality content. This includes text, blogs, newsletters, and social media posting. We would be more than happy to set up a free consultation to go over your content requirements. Give us a call today!

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Location, Location, Location! The Best State for Businesses

Thinking of starting a business? Wonder if you will have the right type of resources available where you live? Well, fret no more! Each year, CNBC ranks all 50 states in ten different categories based the criteria each state uses to market itself to potential business owners. Each state received a numeric score depending on their rank in each category. Cost of doing business, infrastructure and transportation, and economy weigh the heaviest in metrics, as well as available workforce, quality of life, technology and innovation. Adding up the scores determines the order in which each state is ranked.


For the year 2014, Georgia ranked number one overall as the best state for businesses, beating out states like Texas, who’s population is three times bigger, and Utah, who’s unemployment rate is a little over half of what Georgia’s is. Our state has shown its great outlook for businesses in scoring highly in available workforce, its economy, and infrastructure and transportation. All of these metrics bode well for aspiring businesses.


Georgia’s workforce is ever increasing, from new college graduates, to unemployed workers looking for new jobs. In order to have a successful business, you have to have a pool of workers to pull from. Georgia is also an Employment-at-will state, meaning that the employee works “at the will” of the employer, and you can terminate the employee with any reason, as long as it is not because of a discriminatory reason (think race, age, sex, religion or disability). The education level of available workers is higher, and the quality of government sponsored training programs.


A state’s economy needs to be unyielding and varying in its resources and industries. There are new buildings being built, as well as new homes, so there is plenty of real estate to go around in Georgia. Also, big time corporations, such as Delta Air Lines, UPS, and Home Depot use Atlanta as their home base for their main office. Georgia’s financial health is constantly improving, as it was ranked 19th for its economy in 2013, but jumped sixteen spots to number three this year (2014).


Even with all of the complaints about Atlanta traffic, Georgia still managed to snag the number one spot in the infrastructure and transportation category; they actually tied with Texas. If you were to ask any resident of the Atlanta area what do they think of the transportation here, you would be bombarded with all kinds of stories, complaints, and quarrels about how horrible the traffic is everywhere. However, as the need for transportation grows so does the solutions available. Roads are constantly being upgraded and improved, and Metro Atlanta Rapid Transportation Authority, (or MARTA), continues to adapt and blossom as its patrons do. Atlanta is the transportation Mecca of the south, with goods traveling through ports on its eastern coast, through cities on trains and trucks (freight and logistics), and through air, with Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport being considered the busiest airport in the world.


Overall, the potential for a successful business in Georgia is tremendous. The economy, workforce, and infrastructure is there, open and inviting for any current or would-be business owner. Every day people flock to Georgia, for personal motive, as well as business. Various companies select Georgia for their headquarters for a number of reasons so would it not be wise to follow suit? The path that is already walked is always a little easier.

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Why We Love Atlanta

Top ten reasons why we love Atlanta:

10. Scenary – Atlanta has a beautiful skyline featuring the Georgia Dome and many architecturally attractive skyscrapers. On the outskirts of Atlanta you will find Stone Mountain, Kennesaw Mountain, and the Chattahoochee River.  Atlanta is also a short drive from the nearby North Georgia Appalachian Mountains, and the Atlantic coast.

9. Shopping – Atlanta offers tons of shopping choices, from Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza to Little Five Points and Atlantic Station. If you are looking for that perfect something, chances are you can find it here.

8. Restaurants – Atlanta is an eater’s paradise. From the Varsity to elegant gourmet dining Atlanta has it all. You will find many influences in the restaurants around the Atlanta. The more areas you explore the more surprising dishes you will find.

7. Museums, the Zoo, and the Aquarium – There are many educational and cultural activities in Atlanta. Some of our favorites are the Botanical Gardens, High Museum of Art, the Georgia Aquarium, the Atlanta Zoo, the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the World of Coke, and the Center for the Puppetry Arts.

6.  Outdoor Adventure – Atlanta and the surrounding area is filled with hiking and biking trails. The Silver Comet is a fully paved walking, biking, and running trail that spans 61 miles from Smyrna, GA near Atlanta to Cedartown, GA near the Alabama state line. There are numerous hiking trails at Stone Mountain and Kennesaw Mountain. You can also “Shoot the Hooch” for a lazy inner tube river adventure or travel north a bit for a true whitewater canoe or kayak adventure.

5. Six Flags/Whitewater – If its thrills your looking for try a day at either Six Flags Over Georgia or Whitewater amusement parks. Six Flags over Georgia offers many thrilling roller coasters as well as rides and attractions for younger kids. There is nothing better than spending a hot Atlanta summer day sliding down the water slides at Whitewater.

4. Sports – Atlanta has a full docket of professional sporting events to attend including the Braves, Hawks, Falcons, and the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Georgia and Georgia Tech Universities offer many opportunities to attend collegiate athletic events.  Atlanta is also an excellent golf destination. And if you are looking at joining in the action there are many amateur  leagues and pick-up games going on around the city for lesser known sports like disc golf, cricket, and ultimate Frisbee.

3. Music – Atlanta is home for many hip-hop artists, and also has a thriving live music scene. There are many unique venues throughout the city and there is always the opportunity to see great live music. Some notable local acts and artists include the Allman Brothers Band, Col. Bruce Hampton, R.E.M., Outkast, T.I. and Ludacris.

2. Opportunity – Atlanta is truly the land of opportunity. Several large companies are headquartered here including Home Depot and Coca-Cola. Atlanta is a large and diverse market with thousands of small businesses serving millions of customers. Atlanta is a great place for entrepreneurs to start thriving new businesses.

And the number one reason we love Atlanta…

1. Georgia Peaches

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