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g&g cycles of roswell

G & G Cycles of Roswell – A new shop in town!

[Roswell, Georgia] – G & G Cycles of Roswell, a motorcycle repair shop, opened its doors in 2017 after owner Shawn Guinther branched off independently. Following 13 years in the industry, Guinther pursued his dreams to open an independently owned, dealership alternative, offering quality work at affordable prices. “We are a one-stop, full service shop for all American V-Twin and Metric models,” said Guinther, stating that they believe in treating your motorcycle like their own.


Prior to opening G & G Cycles of Roswell, Guinther co-owned another motorcycle repair shop in Woodstock with a friend. Two years of co-running the business gave Guinther the experience and confidence to open his own shop under the independent brand. Guinther, who graduated from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) in 2004, is a family man, who enjoys spending time with his wife and two children when he isn’t at work.


G & G Cycles of Roswell takes pleasure in being locally owned and operated. They don’t have shareholders, so there is no need to inflate prices to meet a quota. The convenience and personal relationship tendered is easy and authentic, with Guinther being available in the shop most days for you to meet. MediaLinkers Web Design’s owner even stopped by with short notice to congratulate Guinther on his successful website launch, and assisted in filming a short video on services offered by G & G Cycles of Roswell, which can be seen here.


Motorcycle enthusiasts with a repair need will love the services that G & G Cycles of Roswell has to offer. In honor of their launch, they are offering a special on LED lighting! They are a distributor for Custom Dynamics LEDs, and also offer a free installation of any LED turn signal kit when purchased with your LED headlight kit. This offer ends soon, so don’t wait!


About G & G Cycles of Roswell

Shawn Guinther opened the doors to G & G Cycles of Roswell in 2017 and offer a full range of services, maintenance, and accessories for most makes and models of motorcycles. Locally owned and operated, G & G Cycles of Roswell takes pride in affordable prices and quality workmanship.  For more information, visit our web site at

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Google Cards by Medialinkers

Google Testing another Search Results Feature “Local Business Cards”

The search results will soon be equipped with another feature “Local Business Cards,” as Google has started testing it with the search results. This is a reasonable description of a new card carousel which features content from local businesses near the search results top.  This is a real test, as confirmed by Google itself, since local business cards are built on the similar display functionality as the candidate cards launched some time ago.


It is nothing more than an experiment at this phase. It is all about custom content, not withdrawn from Google My Business or other feeds. It is also worth noticing that Google has allowed and introduced animations for the first time on the search result pages.


The format was built keeping mobile users in mind to equally display in PC results. The local business cards will appear immediately aside the Knowledge Panel displaying that business on desktops and below the knowledge panel below the mobile.


As far as candidate cards are concerned the intent is to permit business to communicate directly in search results. Information and content highlights the business services and products in ways which knowledge panel doesn’t allow. Content cannot be shared within carousel.


The feature is quite significant for local SEO, however Google has not yet confirmed if the Local Business Cards will be made a permanent feature of search results or not.


For news, stay tuned to Medialinkers Kennesaw web design agency.

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medialinkers FB Updates

Facebook is Now Connecting People over Sports via Sports Stadium

Facebook has introduced a feature known as “Sports Stadium” to its messenger app for catering to the needs of sport enthusiasts.  The Sports Stadium feature will allow sports fans to connect with each other, sharing information related to games, stats, teams, etc.  The sports stadium also allows users to play-by-play action, taking the gaming experience to the next level.


The feature is only available to the US users through Facebook’s iOS app for now, and includes American Football games; however games such as basketball will be added later on.


You can access the feature by conducting a simple Search for a game in Facebook’s main app.  The dashboard consists of information like live scores, news, commentary, stats window and sports personalities to start with.  Last but not the least, Sports stadium also tells you which of your friends are currently watching a game.


In short, it provides a real-time sports experience of watching a game, in addition to sharing it around with your fellow sports enthusiasts.

Facebook CEO shared to encourage people over sports through this feature and promised to further improve on it over time through user feedback.

Stay tuned to Medialinkers blog for more news.

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Twitter Logo by Medialinkers

Twitter to Increase its 140 Character Limit by the End of 2016

Twitter is finally considering extending its 140 character limit to 10,000 characters by the end of 2016, reports Recode. But until then, we may see the tweet limit variably changing between 140 and beyond 140 characters. If the changes are done as described by Twitter, you won’t experience any clutter adding to your twitters’ timeline, however only a call to action would be offered beyond 140 characters to read more information.


Furthermore, sources are also considering the different ways to fight spam that can occur as a result of longer tweets. However, the company hasn’t confirmed exactly how they will fight this issue of spam.


Public Feedback to the News So Far:

A lot of twitter users have criticized this upcoming change by Twitter.  Many users are of the opinion that the increase in tweet’s limit will make the platform to lose its originality, since 140 character limits actually defines the platform right from the moment it was launched. Some other users have also predicted it to become more like Facebook with the implementation of this change.


You can get a good glimpse of public reactions by searching “Twitter limit” in your favorite browser. Despite the negative feedback given by the public, the company considers increasing the tweet limit to bring more users to the platform.


It will be interesting to see how the company maintains its originality and avoid becoming more like Facebook and some other social platforms, once the change is implemented. Stay tuned to Medialinkers  for more SEO and Social Media News.

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HTTPS medialinkers

No Link Authority Loss with HTTPS, Says Google

John Mueller of Google has finally confirmed that there would be no loss in the link authority when it comes to moving from HTTP to HTTPS. This news has been welcomed by a lot of SEOs since Google has confirmed to index the HTTPS pages by default with the existence of a duplicate version.


Jhon Muller Medialinkers



A lot of SEOs were a bit skeptic as to whether the link authority would be lost or not as a result of the inbound links to HTTP pages were not being counted. Now the picture has been cleared by Google itself. This has been confirmed by Garry Illyes on Twitter when search engine journal’s Brent sent him a tweet.


Google would count the signals coming from the inbound links tipping to both the HTTPS and HTTP versions of a page. Also, this would be done automatically which is why you don’t have to worry about the redirects anymore.


So now that you have the answer to the top executives at Google, you just have to go ahead and move your site to HTTPS without having to worry about the loss of link signals. This would also provide you with a ranking boost in the process.


Gary Illyes of Google has offered more insights in the Facebook comment, which you can read here stating that it has become critically important for the companies to move their site to HTTPS in an easy way. So what are you waiting for? Shift your site to https now for an increase in its rankings.

Feel Free to contact Medialinkers’ SEO Experts for more info and solution of online marketing problems

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Ml seo

Taking a Holistic SEO Approach in the Year 2016

SEO in the current technology and days can’t afford to live in the silo. It is impacted directly and indirectly by marketing channels such as offline marketing, social media, PR and even the email marketing.  All these signals would include citations, brand mentions, search relevancy, citations, links, content and usage data.


SEO used to be about just the links, crawls, rankings and keywords in the early 2000s; however, it has become more complicated today. By having a synergy between the marketing channels, you can boost your SEO efforts, which would further boost your marketing efforts by allowing you to capitalize on the opportunities. It would also help you in the tailoring of the marketing efforts in building a strong brand regardless of how the single marketing channel performs.


Medialinkers SEO Kennesaw

SEO in 2016

Medialinkers SEO

Image Source: Search Engine Land

Also, it is not too simple to cultivate solid relationships between the other marketing channels and SEO.


Some example of the different channels is as follow:


Holistic Marketing Plan of Action


Take an example of an event that has to be covered by the Elite SEM in the New York City. It is also a large event for the existing businesses and clients within the area of New York City. Here is how the different teams would work together for the event promotion:


The marketing channels would meet for discussing a promotion and content strategy for the event. The different teams include SEO, PR, Paid Search and Display.


When you are looking for the marketing company to create a page about a certain event, you can have the SEO and the paid search terms conducting the keyword research. The marketing team uses this research for the development of content for the website event page. The SEO team offers optimizations recommended for the page itself.


The team of marketing then develops the highlights in a video for the promotion of the upcoming event. The SEO team optimizes for the YouTube video. After everything is ready, the event page gets published on a site. The SEOs optimize it for the YouTube and after everything is properly done, it’s embedded on the event page of the company site.

Following things are included:


  • Content structuring the event, schedules, speakers and attending benefits etc.
  • On-Page optimization appropriate
  • Event and Local Business Markup from
  • YouTube Hosted Video Embedding
  • Good Map Integration for the easy navigation and finding of a location.
  • Email and Social Sharing Buttons

Contact Form


SEO team also has to advise the adding of new events to the XML sitemap. The marketing team has to add a blog post regarding the event and this helps in the building of internal links.


The social media team has to add the event to the social media profiles, adding it to the Events app and then promoting the video through the Video apps. The PR team is responsible for the creation of a press release highlighting the event submission to the PR outlets. The press release includes links back to the company website’s event page.


Then is the time to do paid promotion. The display and the paid search teams have launched campaigns targeting the business in the target area; whereas the search and social team have to launch the FB news feed ad campaign for promoting the event. The PR and the SEO teams work together on outreaching to the websites and influencers for highlighting the upcoming event.  The SEO and the PR teams work together for outreaching to the sites and influencers for highlighting the upcoming event.


When the campaign progresses, the social and SEO team have already tracked the social signals, inbound links and the brand mentions to the events page. These teams meet weekly for reporting the marketing efforts by channel.


Final Thoughts


On final thoughts, you can say that all the channels working together would help in expanding the marketing reach for having a solid plan. So when starting the New Year, make sure to take this approach to SEO.


You can also hire the Medialinkers Search Engine Optimization team to manage the SEO and marketing campaign for you.


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Google Adwords Program with Lending Club in Testing Waters

Google Adwords Program with Lending Club in Testing Waters

A lot of Adwords advertisers have received emails from Google about the loan offers from the lending club. The loans are specifically used for funding the Adwords advertising campaigns. According to the email message, a loan offer is made to help the business owners in financing their Adwords advertising.


However, this is a limited test and according to the Google spokesperson, they are running a small referral test on the new potential payment options, as part of the ongoing work of delivering advertising solutions.


The AdWords business credit card program has been phased by Google on February 1st, 2015. Google also partnered up with the credit card program of banks, launching it in the UK and US in the year 2012. This has given smaller businesses access for crediting their Adwords campaigns. This new lending club program can be the replacement option for that program if it works out.


The Lending club marketplace, lenders focus on the customer peer to peer lending. In April 2015, the lending club joined forces with the Alibaba group and Google, for work services securing the low-interest loans. The Google funds those loans itself, lending the club powers a customized and automated underwriting process for Google. For those who don’t know the entire picture, Google was also an early investor in the Lending club.


As for the long experiment by Adwords, Google is referring leads to the lending club, not offering the landing. If the loan is approved, the club makes sure to facilitate funding the business’s Adwords account directly.


For the latest news, stay tuned to the blog of Medialinkers and check out the latest Medialinkers testimonials for knowing the type of work we deliver!

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SEO and UX by medialinkers

Benefits of Aligning UX and SEO When Building the Website

SEO is often termed as rankings on the search results page, but this is part of just one story. SEO however, is all about understanding what the consumers are looking for and recognizing how the brand can provide value in a moment.


Google is increasingly considering the user behavior signals and today things such as page load time, button size on a mobile screen and ad cluttering above the fold are all about the user experience weight and signals in the organic search algorithm.


For the users to convert, you need to understand what the keywords and consumers truly want to consume. This means that SEO today is not about changing the Meta tags, but it’s about enhancing the brand’s digital ecosystem.


SEO has a lot to do with the way users engage in a site and deal with the rankings. The reason for this concept is that there are always 5m Google results which came up when searching for ‘UX and SEO.’ UX and SEO are part of one box, whether we acknowledge these or not.



Every side of SEO and UX brings in different tools, best practices, and data to the table. If you are wondering as to how, you can maximize these inputs for creating a findable, usable and irresistible output. The UX designers are always relying on the interactions, wireframes and storytelling to convey experience created towards the users. But the SEO experts rely on the search data directly from the users to share the same experience. SEO has got the data which the UX needs and in turn UX has the design framework which SEO needs.


The moment you understand that SEO and UX are immeasurable, the better way to handle them is to start working in parallel when the design becomes high performing and usable. Given below are the 4 things you require when aligning UX and SEO to the same goals:


A Usable and Searchable Site

The site is useful only if it’s found by the users. According to the Forrester’s statistics, 93% of the online experience starts with a search. But according to different reports, a user experience starts even before arriving onto the site.


UX decisions are backed by Real Life User Data

First: The design decisions are based on the data from a sample size far larger than the focus groups, previous design experience, and the usability studies.  The SEO experts use the keyword data for the identification of patterns as to how the people are searching on the topics they are searching on. The SEO experts are also using keyword data for the identification of patterns in how the people search and the topics they are looking for. You can equip the UX designers with the real life data, directly informing the people who are going to be served by web experience.


SEO insights are also baked into the site experience, locating the site to perform its best in the organic search from day one, instead of spending the resources applying the band-Aids post lunch.


Few Post Launch Errors Leading to a Smooth Experience

It’s really important to recognize that a broken link on the error page is not just about the SEO problem. It comes mainly under the user problem. For instance, if a user clicks on the link and is expected to go somewhere new, they can discover more information that they care about. They are eager to check out your error page and don’t have the patience for figuring out where the real content comes from. So solving the site issues is a priority for both the UX and SEO experts.


Dealing with the Problems in a Creative Way

Identification of an SEO obstacle leads to creative problem solving, making a site even better than its design. When it comes to working with a UX designer for the development of new site architecture, you have to explain the proposed design for optimizing the long tail for the highly relevant topics. But at the last, you can modify the site architecture and templates for accommodating the additional content level, which is a concept reused throughout the site.


The partnership of UX with SEO leads more towards the SEO goal and is also improved upon the design and resources available for the visitors. If you partner up with UX and SEO, you would never have to hear a complaint from the boss, end-user and clients regarding it.


If you want to know more about UX and SEO, you can consult with the UX and SEO professionals at Medialinkers. You can also read the Medialinkers Kennesaw Reviews for yourself.

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medialinkers yahoo google

Yahoo & Google Pairing Up For Yet another Deal

The yahoo shares were dropped recently; however, the news has it that the company has partnered up with the search giant Google. The agreement spreads over a period of 3 years covering both the desktop and mobile audiences here and abroad. Now all eyes are on Google and Yahoo partnership, seeing how the things would go. The partnership deal excludes almost all of Europe for avoiding the anti-trust issues and requires the approval of the US Department.


Deal’s Overview Here:

Yahoo shared that an agreement with Google offers Yahoo an additional flexibility in choosing among the suppliers of the ads and the search results. The offerings brought onto the table by Google complements the search services offered by Microsoft, in addition to Yahoo’s own ad products and search technologies.


What about Microsoft’s Partnership Deal with Yahoo?

We have all already heard about the Yahoo & the Microsoft search deal, which was also renewed in April this year. Yahoo agreed that Bing’s ads would appear on 51% of the desktop searches delivered by Yahoo, as part of their renewal. The 49% other would be powered by the Yahoo’s own ad system from the 3rd party which they wanted to use.


By the month of July, Yahoo has been already spot testing the Google’s search ads and results. The results were coming positive, which made Yahoo take things to the next level.


More on Yahoo, Microsoft & Google’s pairing

This is not the first time that Google and Yahoo have paired up. Yahoo also paired up in the year 2000 for carrying both the Google’s search ads and the results. This partnership continued for several years, till Yahoo worked and developed its own ad serving systems and the required in-house technology in the year 2004.


In the year 2010, Yahoo gave its own internal search technology after forming a search deal with Microsoft. However, this deal hasn’t brought the expected results in Yahoo for 2 years. It has since been looking for a way to generate more revenue from the search beyond its Microsoft deal.


The 3-Year Google Deal

Yahoo officially entered into Google’s partnership on October 19th, 2015. The agreement is effective as of Oct 1, 2015, and would expire on Dec 31, 2018. However, the partnership can also end early depending on a few reasons below.


Google to Control Both the Desktop & Mobile Searches

According to the Services agreement, Google would offer Yahoo a search advertisement through its Ad Sense for the search service (“AFS”), image search services, and the web algorithmic searches through Google’s Web search service. The results obtained by Google would then be made available to Yahoo for display on both the mobile and desktop platforms.


In other words, it means that Google’s results both free and paid would be shown on Yahoo. Since, Yahoo doesn’t have its editorial listings “free listings” or a crawler that is, it would serve them both. But Yahoo probably wouldn’t show the Google ads against the editorial listings offered by Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine.


What About 51% More Space?

Yahoo can use the search results for both the desktop and mobile. It’s limited to a cap of 49% which would come from Google on the desktop, as Microsoft gets the other 51%. However, Yahoo hasn’t reserved the percentages for the mobile searches. This means that if it wants, it could dedicate the entire mobile search to Google prioritizing it over its own Gemini ads system.


The European Exclusion

Well the deal is made for serving the following regions:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Taiwan
  5. Singapore
  6. Thailand
  7. Vietnam
  8. Indonesia
  9. Philippines
  10. Malaysia
  11. Middle East
  12. Africa
  13. Brazil
  14. Mexico
  15. Argentine
  16. Chile
  17. Colombia
  18. Venezuela
  19. Peru
  20. Australia
  21. New Zealand

By checking the list above, you would see that all the major countries are listed excluding just the countries of the European region. The main reason for the exclusion of Europe is that the Google has got an anti-trust action happening against it in the EU, and doing a deal with Yahoo there would result in a lot of negative attention for Google.


The Search Deal is completely flexible

Under the part of this services agreement, Yahoo can choose which search queries to send to Google. It is under no circumstance is obligated for sending a certain number of search queries. The services agreement is non-exclusive, meaning that Yahoo is in full control to use the search advertising services including its own, the Microsoft Corporation services, and the 3rd parties.


In other words, you can say that Yahoo isn’t guaranteeing anything to Google and can always decide to send no search queries to Google if it wants.


The Yahoo Ads Search Share is Cut; Image Search Named

Yahoo is also going to pay the Google fee for image search results in the request and the web algorithmic search results. It is quite standard, paying Yahoo some percentage for its ads that are shown on it.


The percentage would vary depending on where the income is coming from, that is the desktop or the mobile version. Also, there is no minimum guarantee from Google to be paid to Yahoo. This is the case in this deal as it was also in the case of Yahoo-Microsoft deal.


However, yahoo is duty-bound to pay Google for using its editorial search results for the images and web listings. It is ensuring that Yahoo pays Google for showing its Google listings when placing its own ads against those search results. Without this case, Google would get nothing except being a search result service provider.


Termination of Services Agreement

If either party decides to join Europe or India for performing the services agreement or its continued performance has a strong impact on the ongoing antitrust proceedings involving either party in India or Europe, it would result in the termination of the deal.


Furthermore, Google and Yahoo both can suspend and terminate the services agreement if certain events are not cured. A 60 days notice is to be served on ending by either party. Finally, Google can terminate for some unknown reasons. Both the parties can file a lawsuit and take legal action for protection.


We don’t know how the deal would turn out for Google and Yahoo both, but for now, we can only predict that some major search changes are heading towards Yahoo for the greater good of it. For any help and assistance in search marketing, you can consult with the search engine optimization professionals of Medialinkers. You can read the Medialinkers Reviews here.

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Medialinkers Google update

The New Penguin Update Would be a Real-Time Update, Says Gary Illyes


According to Google’ Gary Illyes, the new “real-time” version of Penguin algorithm is set to be released by the end of this year. However, Gary Illyes also said that back in July, he also mentioned the update to be months away and now those we are at the start of the October, we are almost there. Illyes however, was pretty over cautious about the update and didn’t share any details or the exact time of the happening of update.


New “Real-time” Penguin


The new version of the Penguin algorithm would be “realtime.” This means that as soon as the link is disavowed or removed, it would be processed by the Penguin algorithm at the real time, which would help the webmasters to recover from the google penalties in an incredibly quicker way. Also, at the same time, your website would now be more prone to the Penguin penalty if it’s not been linked from the lucrative sources.


For more information, stay tuned to the blog section of Medialinkers.

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