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Medialinkers FB Update

What Facebook Plans for 2016?

Facebook is pushing boundaries with every year and this year too, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has set a few challenges to further grow the social network in both the social and professional ways. Reportedly, Mark Zuckerberg wants to develop an artificially intelligent system to respond to his requirements. This may sound too farfetched, but so were the idea of Facebook becoming a pioneer in the long list of social networks.


How Facebook is setting p for this year is the main question covered in this blog post. For the first time, the digital advertising will take the majority of share in the marketing niche (Source: Campaign).


This is due to the following 4 components:


  • Increase in Mobile Technology
  • High Broadband Speed
  • Quality Videos
  • Social Media Promotion

Digital Marketing in 2015


  • Brands continued to compete with each other to stay on top incorporating methods such as quick response times and a high moderation level.
  • The number of organic outreach without the paid media spent decreased further. Everyone who has experienced knew that incorporating the organic with the paid marketing through a digital agency such as Medialinkers is the only way to have a complete yet successful marketing strategy.
  • Brands hired social media marketers to manage their social accounts and to continuously engage with their audience in 2015.
  • Facebook started development work of its own live streaming app, considering the continuous success of the live streaming apps by other networks.
  • Instagram and Snapchat gained more followers. In fact, 71% of young audience preferred Snapchat over Facebook. (Source: Omnicore).

What the Year 2016 Holds

  • A lot of new technologies will make their way in the world of social media. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has already announced the release of new Facebook features, apps and setups this month.
  • 360 Videos is set to define the technology world. Facebook Oculus Rift, as claimed by Zuckerberg will offer the best virtual reality experience in the world.
  • With 800 million monthly users, Facebook Messenger is set to become a powerful app on its own, with additional features such as Sending and Receiving Money and the Virtual Business cards.
  • Facebook Live as a rival to current live streaming apps such as Periscope. Can it take off and make its mark? We are not sure it can gain traction over existing apps quick enough to make its mark.
  • Facebook Live to compete with the popular live streaming apps such as Periscope.
  • Facebook at Work an exclusive social network to improve collaboration with colleagues Source: CNET

How these features will bring a change in our lives and to the network itself is something which we will see as the year 2016 unfolds.

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medialinkers yahoo google

Yahoo & Google Pairing Up For Yet another Deal

The yahoo shares were dropped recently; however, the news has it that the company has partnered up with the search giant Google. The agreement spreads over a period of 3 years covering both the desktop and mobile audiences here and abroad. Now all eyes are on Google and Yahoo partnership, seeing how the things would go. The partnership deal excludes almost all of Europe for avoiding the anti-trust issues and requires the approval of the US Department.


Deal’s Overview Here:

Yahoo shared that an agreement with Google offers Yahoo an additional flexibility in choosing among the suppliers of the ads and the search results. The offerings brought onto the table by Google complements the search services offered by Microsoft, in addition to Yahoo’s own ad products and search technologies.


What about Microsoft’s Partnership Deal with Yahoo?

We have all already heard about the Yahoo & the Microsoft search deal, which was also renewed in April this year. Yahoo agreed that Bing’s ads would appear on 51% of the desktop searches delivered by Yahoo, as part of their renewal. The 49% other would be powered by the Yahoo’s own ad system from the 3rd party which they wanted to use.


By the month of July, Yahoo has been already spot testing the Google’s search ads and results. The results were coming positive, which made Yahoo take things to the next level.


More on Yahoo, Microsoft & Google’s pairing

This is not the first time that Google and Yahoo have paired up. Yahoo also paired up in the year 2000 for carrying both the Google’s search ads and the results. This partnership continued for several years, till Yahoo worked and developed its own ad serving systems and the required in-house technology in the year 2004.


In the year 2010, Yahoo gave its own internal search technology after forming a search deal with Microsoft. However, this deal hasn’t brought the expected results in Yahoo for 2 years. It has since been looking for a way to generate more revenue from the search beyond its Microsoft deal.


The 3-Year Google Deal

Yahoo officially entered into Google’s partnership on October 19th, 2015. The agreement is effective as of Oct 1, 2015, and would expire on Dec 31, 2018. However, the partnership can also end early depending on a few reasons below.


Google to Control Both the Desktop & Mobile Searches

According to the Services agreement, Google would offer Yahoo a search advertisement through its Ad Sense for the search service (“AFS”), image search services, and the web algorithmic searches through Google’s Web search service. The results obtained by Google would then be made available to Yahoo for display on both the mobile and desktop platforms.


In other words, it means that Google’s results both free and paid would be shown on Yahoo. Since, Yahoo doesn’t have its editorial listings “free listings” or a crawler that is, it would serve them both. But Yahoo probably wouldn’t show the Google ads against the editorial listings offered by Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine.


What About 51% More Space?

Yahoo can use the search results for both the desktop and mobile. It’s limited to a cap of 49% which would come from Google on the desktop, as Microsoft gets the other 51%. However, Yahoo hasn’t reserved the percentages for the mobile searches. This means that if it wants, it could dedicate the entire mobile search to Google prioritizing it over its own Gemini ads system.


The European Exclusion

Well the deal is made for serving the following regions:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Taiwan
  5. Singapore
  6. Thailand
  7. Vietnam
  8. Indonesia
  9. Philippines
  10. Malaysia
  11. Middle East
  12. Africa
  13. Brazil
  14. Mexico
  15. Argentine
  16. Chile
  17. Colombia
  18. Venezuela
  19. Peru
  20. Australia
  21. New Zealand

By checking the list above, you would see that all the major countries are listed excluding just the countries of the European region. The main reason for the exclusion of Europe is that the Google has got an anti-trust action happening against it in the EU, and doing a deal with Yahoo there would result in a lot of negative attention for Google.


The Search Deal is completely flexible

Under the part of this services agreement, Yahoo can choose which search queries to send to Google. It is under no circumstance is obligated for sending a certain number of search queries. The services agreement is non-exclusive, meaning that Yahoo is in full control to use the search advertising services including its own, the Microsoft Corporation services, and the 3rd parties.


In other words, you can say that Yahoo isn’t guaranteeing anything to Google and can always decide to send no search queries to Google if it wants.


The Yahoo Ads Search Share is Cut; Image Search Named

Yahoo is also going to pay the Google fee for image search results in the request and the web algorithmic search results. It is quite standard, paying Yahoo some percentage for its ads that are shown on it.


The percentage would vary depending on where the income is coming from, that is the desktop or the mobile version. Also, there is no minimum guarantee from Google to be paid to Yahoo. This is the case in this deal as it was also in the case of Yahoo-Microsoft deal.


However, yahoo is duty-bound to pay Google for using its editorial search results for the images and web listings. It is ensuring that Yahoo pays Google for showing its Google listings when placing its own ads against those search results. Without this case, Google would get nothing except being a search result service provider.


Termination of Services Agreement

If either party decides to join Europe or India for performing the services agreement or its continued performance has a strong impact on the ongoing antitrust proceedings involving either party in India or Europe, it would result in the termination of the deal.


Furthermore, Google and Yahoo both can suspend and terminate the services agreement if certain events are not cured. A 60 days notice is to be served on ending by either party. Finally, Google can terminate for some unknown reasons. Both the parties can file a lawsuit and take legal action for protection.


We don’t know how the deal would turn out for Google and Yahoo both, but for now, we can only predict that some major search changes are heading towards Yahoo for the greater good of it. For any help and assistance in search marketing, you can consult with the search engine optimization professionals of Medialinkers. You can read the Medialinkers Reviews here.

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ecommerce sales

eCommerce Sales

Thinking about starting an eCommerce website, but afraid it might not prosper? Or do you already have a website, but having doubts on whether starting one was the best idea? Analysts over at The Custora eCommerce Pulse, a free online dashboard that tracks online transactions in real-time from over 100 million retailers, definitely seem to think so! Most online retailers rely on “Cyber Monday” sales to help finish out the year on top, and with the exception of last minute gifts, sales trends tend to drop off in the final stretch of the holiday season. This year, however, the growth of US eCommerce sales hasn’t slowed; it has grown.


The holiday shopping season typically lasts from November 1st until December 14th. For 2014, eCommerce revenue has grown by 15% over the last year. Lower gas prices and bigger sales may have triggered the rise, but in either case, consumers are spending more online. Also increasing in strength this holiday season is mobile sales. Mobile shopping, which includes both tablet and phone orders, accounted for approximately one-fourth of online shopping in just the first two weeks of December alone. This is a big skip from sales in the same period last year.


The popularity of Apple’s mobile products has continuously increased, as well as the amount of online transactions performed on Apple devices. Android devices are surely catching up, but the bulk of sales is still is ruled by Apple. This also supports the importance of making sure your eCommerce website is also “mobile-friendly,” meaning your website is optimized to display correctly on any mobile device. It should be realized that a potential customer will become frustrated, and as a result, not purchase from your site, if they experience difficulties while using the site on a phone or tablet.


Email marketing, usually in the form of subscribed advertising, as well as search engines, still leads the industry with marketing related online sales. Free searches (or organic) through sites such as Google, was the largest means by which companies showcased their goods for sale. This is another reason to increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) quality and rank, which will direct more traffic to your site.


The staff at MediaLinkers understands the constant change of the online world, and works hard to make sure that you do too. While custom websites are our specialty, eCommerce websites, SEO, and payment integration (which is a vital tool in business automation), are a part of the wide range of services we offer. We can schedule a free consultation to go over any and every need for your business, and get you on your way to increasing your profits for your e-commerce website. Using our ability to work with any industry, we can make your online business a success! Contact us today for a FREE quote at (678) 369-6000.

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automating your business

Automating Your Business

One move that you, as a business owner, should make is automating your business. Whether it’s approving time off, or sending mass marketing emails, there are tools available to do it all for you. Some require little to no setup effort, while others require a lot initially, however, once the automation is enabled, you have the ability to sit back and watch the process happen with no work from you. We have gathered a list of tasks that a business owner might need to complete, and the most successful way to automate it. Each tool has been previously built and tested through our own experience, so knowing how each one works is MediaLinkers‘ talent.


The most widely used form of automating your business is Human Resources related. From vacation and PTO requests, to timesheets and hiring, the majority of HR processes can be automated. Every employee at a particular company follows the same general process for each desired outcome. If hired, each employee fills out the same paperwork, trains under the same modules, and, registers for the same credentials needed in order to do their job. MediaLinkers has the ability to create a database to store and organize employee info so that management can easily and readily have employees to fill out, and able to access those records. This also opens the door for employee requests to be sent to the designated supervisor for approval. Eliminating the need for additional employees, this frees up capital for other ventures, as you do not have to designate human resource tasks that can be automated.


Another great way to benefit from automating your business is by using a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). The benefits of a CRM are tremendous. A successful company is one that is able to streamline a customer’s info, so that any department that requires access to their info is capable of seeing the same info across the board, and in return, able to assist the customer efficiently. MediaLinkers uses its own proprietary CRM to keep record of past, current, and future possible clients, in order to have a more personal relationship with our customers. We can build a custom CRM that is tailored to your needs, as different businesses may require different fields of information on a client or customer. You can use a CRM to track payments, follow-ups, make any notes on comments or promises made, even send invoices or manage emails sent to the client. The possibilities are endless. Creating a database linked to your website that stores potential customers’ contact info is a necessity. Adding this feature, MediaLinkers can program your website to automatically sort and filter leads based on your needs, prevent spam from seeping through, as well as keep the information online, instead of clogging up your email with individual notifications.


The third process we wanted to highlight in the need for automating your business is Sales and Marketing related. Setting up goals, and automatic processes for leads will in increase your Return on Investment (ROI). Just by adding Google Analytics to your site and configuring it to track conversions, and other important data, it takes the work out of analyzing your website. This frees up time to focus on how to increase conversions, and fix the issues making customers drop off. MediaLinkers has the ability to create the modules needed to integrate and apply the Google Analytics, or whichever website analyzer you would like to use. Many sites built do not have the ability for the owner (unless they are programming knowledgeable) to simply add the codes to their site. It is a module that needs to be created or modified, so reaching out to someone that can do this for you is a great move.


There are tons of other ways you can improve productivity, and benefit from automating your business. Call MediaLinkers today for more a more personalized review of which automated processes would profit you the most. We offer free, no obligation consultations, and quotes, to help you decide what the best move is for you and your business. We look forward to speaking with you!

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Google AdWords and Why You Should Use It

Every business wants a fast, easy, and effective way to advertise their business. Whether big or small, local or international, advertising your business efficiently will grow your customer base, and in return, grow your revenue. One of those effective ways is through Google AdWords®. Google is an advertising giant, gaining thirty–three percent of all online ad revenues this year. Out of the top ten largest ad publishers in 2013, Google’s revenue was more that the other top nine combined. So, logically, it would make sense to spend advertising dollars with a company that statistically everyone is using, and here’s why.

First, you need to know what AdWords is.  AdWords is an effective way for any type of business to advertise online. Online advertising is fifty-four percent more successful at generating leads, compared to TV ad’s success rate of one percent. AdWords gives you more control over where your ad is seen, and how much you pay to advertise. Your business only pays when a potential customer clicks on your ad. Your business ad will appear on Google search, various websites, on mobile phones and tablets, and even to people who live in specific areas you want to target. Google ads reach ninety percent of all Internet users.

Where your ad is positioned is determined by your “Ad Rank.” That rank is determined by relevance and how much per click you are willing to pay. This ensures that just because you have a small business, that doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger business will always be on top. If you can improve your “Quality Score,” which is an estimate of how relevant your home page, keywords, and ad are to what the consumer is searching for, then you can lower your cost-per-click, or CPC.

 Businesses average for every dollar they spend advertising using AdWords, they make two dollars in revenue. There are numerous advertising outlets available, but using AdWords is the most beneficial. Overall, it is fast, easy to manage after setup, and best of all-it works! We at MediaLinkers are here to serve all of your Internet marketing needs. Contact us so that we can get your business started with AdWords today!

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Mobile Optimization

Who uses a PC anymore? In recent years there has been a steady decline in PC users. In a recent study researchers have found one half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. Mobile tags on products carry more information (price comparison, product review) then the barcode itself. Major businesses and brands are all trying ways to target this vast mobile audience.  It is said an average American spends 2.7 hours a day socializing through their mobile devices; 91% of all Smartphone owners user their phone for web browsing purposes. As technology is swiftly changing it is about time, online businesses and companies with an online presence enhance their mobile presence. Thankfully, MediaLinkers can help you in this regard. All of our websites are developed to be mobile friendly, but we can also help you with the development of separate mobile version of your website and mobile apps. 

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