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g&g cycles of roswell

G & G Cycles of Roswell – A new shop in town!

[Roswell, Georgia] – G & G Cycles of Roswell, a motorcycle repair shop, opened its doors in 2017 after owner Shawn Guinther branched off independently. Following 13 years in the industry, Guinther pursued his dreams to open an independently owned, dealership alternative, offering quality work at affordable prices. “We are a one-stop, full service shop for all American V-Twin and Metric models,” said Guinther, stating that they believe in treating your motorcycle like their own.


Prior to opening G & G Cycles of Roswell, Guinther co-owned another motorcycle repair shop in Woodstock with a friend. Two years of co-running the business gave Guinther the experience and confidence to open his own shop under the independent brand. Guinther, who graduated from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) in 2004, is a family man, who enjoys spending time with his wife and two children when he isn’t at work.


G & G Cycles of Roswell takes pleasure in being locally owned and operated. They don’t have shareholders, so there is no need to inflate prices to meet a quota. The convenience and personal relationship tendered is easy and authentic, with Guinther being available in the shop most days for you to meet. MediaLinkers Web Design’s owner even stopped by with short notice to congratulate Guinther on his successful website launch, and assisted in filming a short video on services offered by G & G Cycles of Roswell, which can be seen here.


Motorcycle enthusiasts with a repair need will love the services that G & G Cycles of Roswell has to offer. In honor of their launch, they are offering a special on LED lighting! They are a distributor for Custom Dynamics LEDs, and also offer a free installation of any LED turn signal kit when purchased with your LED headlight kit. This offer ends soon, so don’t wait!


About G & G Cycles of Roswell

Shawn Guinther opened the doors to G & G Cycles of Roswell in 2017 and offer a full range of services, maintenance, and accessories for most makes and models of motorcycles. Locally owned and operated, G & G Cycles of Roswell takes pride in affordable prices and quality workmanship.  For more information, visit our web site at

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View and Ask Launches New Type of Buy & Sale Site!

[Kennesaw, Georgia] – Zachary Jensen, CEO and Founder of View and Ask launched, an online marketplace where you, the buyer, can view and ask questions about the item for sale. You can also list your own items, such as an old watch, a sports collection, or even a car, and then add pictures or video of it.   “I was sick and tired of being burned online seller after seller” said Jensen. “I always seemed to be giving the seller the benefit of the doubt, and after wasting so much time and money, I set out to find a solution to the online buying problem.”


View and Ask incorporates live two-way video conferencing so that you can see for yourself how the item looks or works, which is useful in cases such as if you are making a sale that requires you to drive a bit to meet. You can search for items by keyword, the state you reside in, or a specific category. Privacy was a concern for each step of the development process, noting that each user has control over what information they allow others to see.


“Along the way, I have added a few extra features like the Blooper Zone,” chuckled Jensen. “My goal for this idea is to bring the trust back to online buying one sell at a time.” Jensen hopes to add additional features and functionality as they grow, through the help of MediaLinkers Web Design, who was contracted for the branding, web design, and development of the website. Charlie Jensen, Zach’s father, and part of his team was thankful to MediaLinkers for their “vision, experience, and guidance leading to the successful launch of”.


In honor of their launch, View and Ask is offering FREE listings for all items, so list away! However it is not mentioned for how long, so make your way over to now before this deal is expired.



About View and Ask is committed to offering a premier online buying and selling platform that integrates the latest technologies for user economy, honesty, integrity, and security. Launching its new website this past summer,’s online system provides an anonymous, two-way visual communications system that allows a buyer to see and speak with a seller in real time and, at the same time, to visually inspect the item being sold without exchanging personally identifying information. For more information, visit our web site at


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Atlanta featured image by ML

Atlanta’s General & Business Overview

Atlanta has played an important role in both the 1960s Civil Rights movement and the civil war. The history center of Atlanta chronicles its past. The site of Martin Luther King Jr. is dedicated to the African American leader’s life and times. The centennial Olympic park lies in the downtown, built for the showcasing of 1996 Olympics, encompassing the massive Georgia aquarium.


The city went through 4 names, before finally being called as Atlanta. The unique thing about the city is that there are more than 50 streets located in the greater region of the Atlanta area, under the name of ‘Peachtree.’ The world’s busiest airport, known as Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international airport also belongs to Atlanta. The city is represented by a symbol of Phoenix, as it’s the only city in the United States that was destroyed by the war. The city was burned to ground by General Sherman.


Atlanta also has the second most shopping center space in the US, and was and still is a great hub for the shooting of Hollywood shows and movies.  As the city continues to thrive and prosper so does the business opportunities. There are many job opportunities for people of Atlanta in the IT sector, with software development and engineering at the top.  Medialinkers is one of the top rated software and the web design agencies in Kennesaw, the neighboring city of Atlanta. Check out the Medialinkers testimonials here.



Atlanta City’s General & Business Overview by Medialinkers

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mobile tablet users by ML

New Search Interface Launched by Google for Tablet Users


Good news for the tablet users. Google has launched a brand-new search interface for the tablet devices. This interface is quite different from the old tablet design, which was a combination of desktop and mobile design. The tablet view offers results in the form of cards, with a skinny top bar navigation of white space on the left and the right of the search results. You can check some of the images below to see the difference for yourself. For the latest trends and updates, stay tuned to the blog of Medialinkers. You can also check out the reviews of Medialinkers to find more about the company.


Google new tablet interface by ML

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Medialinkers web design

Learn to Critique Your Own Designs for Saving Time & Better Results

According to Clark Wimberly, there are ways through which you can get the vital feedback as you design. In addition to the design critique, there are some things which are more stressful. From the viewpoints, pressures, overall tight products and action items, those all things which you need to take care of.


Designing of website and user interfaces requires continuous collaboration with the client and critiques to get their viewpoints and reviews. Without a team who can provide a feedback, it becomes difficult for people to navigate in the dark. However, if you are working on your own or don’t have the privilege of working with a critique at your end, you can become your own design critique.


Staying with the Current Trends

One of the favorite places for digging up inspiration is Dribble, a great platform for the show and tell of social networks for the designers. Even though the Dribble work is nice, it would benefit you if you look closely at the user. For learning more about designing, you can follow the designers on Twitter, check their blog and look at the agency’s portfolio.


A great thumb rule about designing is knowing and remembering when you love a certain design. You need to understand the underlying the design math’s as this would help you in the conversion trend.


Considering the Questions

Don’t dive too deeply into an explanation. You can use the words to fix a shortcoming, but you need to fix it with the design.  This would go a long way with the users and the clients.  So what you need to do is to ask your clients the questions the first time they design, thinking of the ways for avoiding the questions that usually comes with the designer’s way.


When it comes to working on the project alone, you need to make a boundary for an imaginary presentation. It would take only about 5 minutes, showing the areas of work which need extra explanation. When ready to go back to work, you would know which areas to target.


What’s more important than getting into your client’s head is to get into the head of the client’s customer. In other words, it’s called user experience.


Considering the Users

One of the favorite time-tested UX methods is to imagine the persons using the products. You need to put yourself in their shoes to see the things which they might have missed. You need to know that not all projects have the time and budget for going deep with various storyboards and personas. When it comes to flying solo, you need to collect a go-to-set of personas. There are a varied set of users that you carry with you from project to project.


My quick persona set includes some of my family members, since I’ve had the benefit of watching them interact with tech for years. Even better: it’s a seriously varied crowd, as any good persona set should be.


The quick persona set can be your family. Even if they are in different fields, you can consider how the icons and images you are using would help them understand about a particular service in your design. These solid sets would keep the designs accessible.


Checking the Non-Web Friends

You can leave the user test for your products, as this would make you learn and improve your product more. This doesn’t have to be some big process, just show your design through your phone to your friends at some gathering.


Even though this may sound like something casual for you, user testing this way is quite fun and much more fun than talking about the weather and other things.


Asking for the Online Feedback

When working on a project online, you get a worldwide team at your disposal: the internet. You can also collect the early feedback posting the progress of services such as Behance and Dribble.  This would allow you to have your design, user tested and to measure the reactions with a minimal risk.


You can also join the virtual workspaces to offer feedbacks, answer questions and provide a peek at the designs for a quick gut check.


Taking it to the Team

Criticism isn’t helpful if you don’t act. This is the reason why you need to get critiques early and often. Fixing the problem would save you time and stress. Even the best designs would benefit from the strong backing team. When you hit a wall, take it to the team, even if the team consists of the internet message board and the imaginary people.


For more details and questions, feel free to consult with the design team of Medialinkers. Check the Medialinkers Reviews here.

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cover of UX vs UI

An Overview of UX & UI

UI & UX are the two most important terms in digital designing. You can think of UI as the saddle, the reigns, and the stirrups, whereas UX can be thought of riding the horse and roping the cattle.


This is what how it was considered in the old days. No matter how this may sound, there are still a lot of misconceptions and complications which can come around when it comes to differentiating between the UI and UX designs. Even the concept has been around for quite some time, it still causes the community to go into a complete stir whenever it’s brought up.


The interesting thing about both these terms is that there are people working in a field which get paid more only because they act and know the differences between both these fields and most of the time, they are harnessing  the knowledge of a little bit of both.


The standardized definition of User Interface design is termed as the part of the product which the user faces when looking at the site while the User experience is something which they feel when looking at a site. The user experience can be taken into a broader spectrum and it’s tested and known through various tools.


Furthermore, a good user experience is part of all good user interfaces, but not all user interfaces are good at providing a good user experience. In other words, you can say that a good user interface is an important inner element of a good UX.


The infographic published below gives a visual explanation between both these terms. For any query or assistance, you can feel free to consult with the UI/UX professionals of Medialinkers, web design agency in Kennesaw. Read out the Medialinkers Reviews to learn more about the company.

Medialinkers UX vs UI

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medilinkers responsive web design

What and why is Responsive Web Design Important?


The field of web design has progressed to a point where it has become really difficult to keep up with the new resolutions and devices. Creation of a website version for every new device and resolution is going to be impossible, or quite impractical. Rather than suffering from the consequences of losing your visitors from a device, and making another benefit from the others, the best option is to go with the term “responsive web design.”



What do you understand by responsive web design?



The term responsive web design suggests that the development and design must respond to the device, its screen size, orientation, and the platform. This practice consists of flexible layouts and grids, intelligent use of CSS media queries and images. This means that in a responsive web design, when a user switches from one device to another, such as from laptop to iPad, the website would automatically switch for accommodating the image size, resolution, and the scripting abilities. In a few other words, the sites need to have the technology for responding to the user’s preferences. This would help in the elimination of a different design and development phase for every new gadget on the market.


Due to the benefits that it offers, the trend of responsive web design is on the rise. You can check the slides compiled by Medialinkers web design for reviewing more information on why the responsive web designs have become immensely important for every webmaster.


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responsive web logo by medialinkers

Trends of Responsive Web Design (Info-graphics)


With the help of responsive web designing, you can have a website built across all the latest smartphone devices, regardless of what the size of the device’s screen it would be viewed on. The responsive web design is focused on providing a gratifying and intuitive experience for everyone. This means that whether you are a mobile or a desktop user, you can benefit from it at all costs.


This is simply because of the several benefits that are attached with the responsive web designs, such as 5 out of 4 smartphone users use it for online shopping. Also, users prefer the sites that are viewed easily on their smartphones and other smart devices compared to the ones that are only easily navigable on the desktops.


Knowing Adaptive vs Responsive vs Mobile


Even though for a lot of people, the term responsive web design is not new, there are other people who are more acquainted with the mobile and adaptive web design term. This will make you wonder what the difference really is between all these designs.


Well, the adaptive and the responsive web designs are related closely and is most of the time transposed as one in the same way. They are also a great means of reacting quickly and in a user-friendly way, according to the screen size. While the responsive web designs are based on different factors and viewport widths, the adaptive sites are built for grouping the preset factors. The two of them are ideal for offering a perfect formula for the functional sites.


The “Responsive Web Design Info-graphics” has been compiled and developed by Medialinkers



Share Button is Now Live! was a six month project which has successfully been launched thanks to long hours, and intense dedication from all parties. Looking to save time and money within his own business, Dave DeSantis, CEO and Founder of and local business The Jammin Pie, decided to develop a macro interface that allowed him to analyze and determine the best price of his regular inventory purchased. This proved to be exhausting and extremely time consuming.


“The worst part about the four hours it took just going through two vendor lists, was knowing that when Friday came, most of the prices would change based on market fluctuation,” said DeSantis.


The successfulness behind his initial experiment led to savings of over $12K for the first year, approximately 12% in his supply costs. Realizing the additional benefits that occurred from competition, and the basic economics behind supply and demand, DeSantis ventured out to find a web development company who could replicate and improve his spreadsheet on a BIGGER scale.


After talks with various web development companies, MediaLinkers Web Design‘s small business approach appealed to DeSantis.


“I realized a lot of different companies are overpaying for goods.” DeSantis worked alongside MediaLinkers‘ Chief Technical Officer M. Sajjad in improving his original spreadsheet, and converting it over to an easy to use web interface. Profitability can be achieved much easier with technology and competition working for you. There are various ways that can benefit your business; don’t miss out on the free trial from now until the end of June 2015.

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Mobilegeddon: What Does Your Mobile Site Needs to Incorporate For Countering the Mobile Update?

There are factors other than mobile responsiveness in which you need to look at for passing the Mobile-Friendly test. Other than mobile responsiveness, there are other SEO mistakes which include things such as blocked CSS, JavaScript, poor image optimization, slow mobile pages, irrelevant cross-linking, and the mobile only 404s.


On April 21st, Google’s John Mueller confirmed through Google+ at the 4:40 mark about the roll out which has begun, and is live in various Google data centers.




As a solution to the mobile update, you need to make the following changes into your site before it starts declining.

Understand How Google’s Mobile Bot Indexes your Pages

Through Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools are essential to anyone interested in SEO, as it helps in reviewing your site the way Google does. The first thing to check is whether you are seen as mobile friendly or not. Go to Search Traffic on the main navigation bar for finding the “Mobile Usability” function. It will tell you if your site is mobile friendly or not.

Also, check if the bot can index the important pages of your site. For that, you need to go to “Crawl” and then “Fetch as Google.” Then change the options in the dropdown to see how the Googlebot indexes your site. You can also select the option XHTML/WML to see if the Google indexes your pages on a feature phone.

Type in the URL Test

A green tick means that the URL has been submitted successfully, whereas something other than this means you are required to resolve an issue.

Review the Cross Device Engagement on Your Site

Another good means of reviewing your desktop and mobile users is to separate the Analytics statistics into mobile, desktop and tablet view.  The Google webmaster tool allows you to see the data filtered for Mobile devices, enabling the ability to compare and further identify the differences in the behavior of users on Mobile and Web.

Review if Googlebot Can Access All Your Files

Google has exclusively mentioned in their technical webmaster guidelines to allow the Googlebot access to the JS, image files and CSS for a better indexation and rendering of your website. In other words, the way JS and the CSS files work is how Google’s algorithm looks at the mobile sites, and if these are blocked from being reviewed by Google, then you are landing yourself in a lot of trouble.


This is why you need to remove anything that is blocking the CSS, images, and JS from being crawled by the algorithm in the robots.txt, if at all possible. Some sites cannot remove the render-blocking JS because of their website’s functions, which is understandable.

Avoiding Sitemap and Duplicate Content Issues

This only applies to your site if you have a separate version of mobile instead of a responsive site. If your pages are identical to your desktop site, you need to tell Google about it, or else you would be in for a duplicate content penalty. This you can do with the help of rel=”alternate” and rel=”canonical” tags.




Last but not least, make sure that your site does not contain common SEO mistakes, such as having device dependent unplayable content (Flash), mobile only 404s, and slow mobile pages, among other things.

If you are unsure as to how to handle this all, you can consult with an Atlanta web design company in order to get this done in the most professional way.

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