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ecommerce sales

eCommerce Sales

Thinking about starting an eCommerce website, but afraid it might not prosper? Or do you already have a website, but having doubts on whether starting one was the best idea? Analysts over at The Custora eCommerce Pulse, a free online dashboard that tracks online transactions in real-time from over 100 million retailers, definitely seem to think so! Most online retailers rely on “Cyber Monday” sales to help finish out the year on top, and with the exception of last minute gifts, sales trends tend to drop off in the final stretch of the holiday season. This year, however, the growth of US eCommerce sales hasn’t slowed; it has grown.


The holiday shopping season typically lasts from November 1st until December 14th. For 2014, eCommerce revenue has grown by 15% over the last year. Lower gas prices and bigger sales may have triggered the rise, but in either case, consumers are spending more online. Also increasing in strength this holiday season is mobile sales. Mobile shopping, which includes both tablet and phone orders, accounted for approximately one-fourth of online shopping in just the first two weeks of December alone. This is a big skip from sales in the same period last year.


The popularity of Apple’s mobile products has continuously increased, as well as the amount of online transactions performed on Apple devices. Android devices are surely catching up, but the bulk of sales is still is ruled by Apple. This also supports the importance of making sure your eCommerce website is also “mobile-friendly,” meaning your website is optimized to display correctly on any mobile device. It should be realized that a potential customer will become frustrated, and as a result, not purchase from your site, if they experience difficulties while using the site on a phone or tablet.


Email marketing, usually in the form of subscribed advertising, as well as search engines, still leads the industry with marketing related online sales. Free searches (or organic) through sites such as Google, was the largest means by which companies showcased their goods for sale. This is another reason to increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) quality and rank, which will direct more traffic to your site.


The staff at MediaLinkers understands the constant change of the online world, and works hard to make sure that you do too. While custom websites are our specialty, eCommerce websites, SEO, and payment integration (which is a vital tool in business automation), are a part of the wide range of services we offer. We can schedule a free consultation to go over any and every need for your business, and get you on your way to increasing your profits for your e-commerce website. Using our ability to work with any industry, we can make your online business a success! Contact us today for a FREE quote at (678) 369-6000.

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automating your business

Automating Your Business

One move that you, as a business owner, should make is automating your business. Whether it’s approving time off, or sending mass marketing emails, there are tools available to do it all for you. Some require little to no setup effort, while others require a lot initially, however, once the automation is enabled, you have the ability to sit back and watch the process happen with no work from you. We have gathered a list of tasks that a business owner might need to complete, and the most successful way to automate it. Each tool has been previously built and tested through our own experience, so knowing how each one works is MediaLinkers‘ talent.


The most widely used form of automating your business is Human Resources related. From vacation and PTO requests, to timesheets and hiring, the majority of HR processes can be automated. Every employee at a particular company follows the same general process for each desired outcome. If hired, each employee fills out the same paperwork, trains under the same modules, and, registers for the same credentials needed in order to do their job. MediaLinkers has the ability to create a database to store and organize employee info so that management can easily and readily have employees to fill out, and able to access those records. This also opens the door for employee requests to be sent to the designated supervisor for approval. Eliminating the need for additional employees, this frees up capital for other ventures, as you do not have to designate human resource tasks that can be automated.


Another great way to benefit from automating your business is by using a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). The benefits of a CRM are tremendous. A successful company is one that is able to streamline a customer’s info, so that any department that requires access to their info is capable of seeing the same info across the board, and in return, able to assist the customer efficiently. MediaLinkers uses its own proprietary CRM to keep record of past, current, and future possible clients, in order to have a more personal relationship with our customers. We can build a custom CRM that is tailored to your needs, as different businesses may require different fields of information on a client or customer. You can use a CRM to track payments, follow-ups, make any notes on comments or promises made, even send invoices or manage emails sent to the client. The possibilities are endless. Creating a database linked to your website that stores potential customers’ contact info is a necessity. Adding this feature, MediaLinkers can program your website to automatically sort and filter leads based on your needs, prevent spam from seeping through, as well as keep the information online, instead of clogging up your email with individual notifications.


The third process we wanted to highlight in the need for automating your business is Sales and Marketing related. Setting up goals, and automatic processes for leads will in increase your Return on Investment (ROI). Just by adding Google Analytics to your site and configuring it to track conversions, and other important data, it takes the work out of analyzing your website. This frees up time to focus on how to increase conversions, and fix the issues making customers drop off. MediaLinkers has the ability to create the modules needed to integrate and apply the Google Analytics, or whichever website analyzer you would like to use. Many sites built do not have the ability for the owner (unless they are programming knowledgeable) to simply add the codes to their site. It is a module that needs to be created or modified, so reaching out to someone that can do this for you is a great move.


There are tons of other ways you can improve productivity, and benefit from automating your business. Call MediaLinkers today for more a more personalized review of which automated processes would profit you the most. We offer free, no obligation consultations, and quotes, to help you decide what the best move is for you and your business. We look forward to speaking with you!

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Newly Launched Websites

MediaLinkers has been hard at work, creating new designs for their client’s visions. In the last few months, the Project Coordinators and programmers at MediaLinkers had a total of five newly launched websites in Fall of 2014, of which three of those were redesigned websites, and the other two were new to the online world.  The value of your talent to create custom designed websites lies in your ability to work in any field, and MediaLinkers does just that. We worked with non-profit organization Georgia Cares, new author Marilyn Pierce, MacConnell Research, a marketing research firm,, an online store for state souvenirs and collectibles, and Advanced Ops International, a company that creates less-lethal proprietary weapons and other security devices.


MediaLinkers worked with all five clients to find out their individual needs and wants, and created a proposal and quote, free of charge, before drafting a contract and starting on their project. Each client viewed a few custom prototype designs of website layouts, including their choice color scheme, navigational links, and home page features, and they were allowed unlimited changes to achieve their desired look. Once design changes, if any, were made, their prototype went to a short development stage, where our developers created and built the code for all of the needed pages. All of the newly launched websites chose to have some version of a content management system, either our CMS tailored to fit their website needs, WordPress with a design we build and integrate solely for that client, or both.


Specific features were requested or included to add flair to each website. Georgia Cares, using a custom content management system, has PayPal integration for their donations. Marilyn Pierce, who has a design with WordPress integrated for her blog, and a custom CMS for the other pages of her site, has a moving testimonial flip book and PayPal integration for purchasing her book. Advanced Ops International has a product setup similar to an e-Commerce website, however we have changed the purchase option to a web form that a potential buyer can fill out to contact them for purchasing, something that is only easy to do with a custom CMS. They also took advantage of MediaLinkers’ content writing and videography services for the content on their site.


MacConnell Research opted to have a brand new design to match their brand new office, located in Lenox Square Mall. A custom CMS allows new registration through their website, and the information is sent to their online database. wanted a redesigned website that included a dynamic U.S. map to showcase their state souvenirs, and their products are easily managed through a  e-Commerce plugin with a custom-programmed design. MediaLinkers was able to then successfully merge the site’s PayPal Pro, security enabled features, and its WordPress CMS together.


The option of choosing a CMS built according to your requested features, or using a platform such as WordPress, is always up to the client. Usually, it depends on the budget set for each project, but many chose to use MediaLinkers’ CMS, as it is more user friendly, and can be easily modified, added on to, and programmed to control specific features on your website. No project is too complicated or out of reach for us, and we are completely upfront as to the cost and time involved. Every client that works with us is given a time frame for MediaLinkers to complete their project, and we work hard to stick to it. The owners of MediaLinkers newly launched websites worked together with us, day and night, to make sure everything was perfect and ready when it was time to flip the switch. And the support does not stop when your site goes live; before we even start the design, we include a set term of tech support for your newly launched website free of charge!


Striving for affordable, dependable, and one-stop services, MediaLinkers has options for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you want a newly launched website, marketing, or a database,  content writing, mobile app development, or hosting/domain services, MediaLinkers has it all covered. Contact us today for a FREE consultation, and let us show you how we can improve your online business tools!




newly launched websites newly launched websites newly launched websites newly launched websites newly launched websites

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Flash Vs. HTML 5

Flash is gradually becoming obsolete. There are a few notable differences between flash and HTML 5.  Some key issues with Flash, is that Flash products are composed as large files which can be troublesome to load on a website. Using a flash player will also be an inconvenience to your Web visitors, since they will have to download and install Flash. This may mean you miss your chance to get your message or video in front of your prospect; not to mention the amount of times a website will crash and slows down because of the flash coding. Flash is also not supported with Apple products and most other mobile devices. According to Pew Research Center over 63% of cell phone users access the Internet with a cell phone and 34% use it as their primary source to access the Internet. MediaLinkers can design or redesign your website using HTML 5 instead of Flash. HTML 5 is a robust Web language, which is supported by mobile devices and above all its cheaper and more modern way of creating websites, using similar if not better amount of animation compared to Flash. 

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New Team Member Joins MediaLinkers

We want to welcome Shawn Sias our new Marketing Manager to our team. We are excited to add Shawn who will be helping to grow the company and assisting with all our clients needs.   

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Andrew Goudelock Website goes live

Official website of professional NBA Basket Ball player Andrew Goudelock was put live today! Check out  You can now see upcoming videos, download wallpapers, see latest videos and read the tweets and news. A mobile version of website gives you advantage of browsing compact version on your cell phone.

Andrew Goudelock web designers


We have more surprising projects going live within next few weeks. We hope to hear from you about our work!

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What Makes Your Website And Business Unique?

Have you ever heard of UPS? You might think it as something affiliated with internet, basically it is a concept that has been around for years. UPS is Unique Selling Proposition and it could make you prominent from your competitors. So the chief element is to identify what is unique about your business and what makes it different from your competitors. If you know this then you have won half the battle. Being unique and brining something innovative is what make your business different, if you don’t know, it’s time to evaluate your business and the competitors.

The basic ingredient is target audience, and understanding what your audience actually need, their interests create an approach which outlines who you want your site to reach and how can you differ from rest of market.

Design part, Logo is the basic and most important component  if you are like me, as soon as a new webpage is loaded , its either the logo or the design that often conclude that whether I have to stay or go. Logo is your unique identity, presents a polished “we are professional and real” look that tells about rest of your website.


The stage is set, now you have to convince a visitor/reader to keep looking around. Eye movement, Negative space, Typography, and a color scheme is what you should keep in mind while designing. Creating a balance in design is what keeps your reader comfortable. First things first, keep in mind that content should be laid in such a way that what’s the most important is most easily found. Moreover, never overload your audience with flood of knowledge, or force them to search for essentials. Navigation should simple and direct.

Once you are done with the stage and framework, it’s time for content. This step is sensitive and extremely significant. Everything on your site must give benefit to your readers, it’s got to be genuine, it got to fix your strategy, it got to be convincing. No SEO junk. If you are done with this step cautiously and effectively you’re likely to move to a higher level of sites that make the “bookmarked” list.

Making a perfect website is not a big thing it’s all about meeting a customer requirement, designing a thoughtful, attractive design and providing an excellent worth. If you assure them all, your website will definitely look extraordinary from its competitors. So start your distinctive website today






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How to Communicate Needs & Expectations to Web Designer


You are looking for a designer, before you even had your first meeting about what you want done, the important element is to understand what a designer does. Clash between both parties is majorly because of misunderstanding about roles and false expectations.
Designing a logo, stationary, and a business card is quite different than getting them printed. Designers have knowledge and their own opinions in respective area; you want them to help you navigate in waters that you don’t feel assured paddling into alone. You hire development and production people to get something ready in finest and most efficient way.
Before hiring a designer, you really need to think about what is needed, what kind of functionality you want your users to get out of the design, what sort of information you want to convey and type of feelings you want to evoke.
At times people like some existing websites, and they want same as their competitors. You should always take into account why you like a particular design, how it relates to what you want. Special attention should be given to functionality part of what you like. The most helpful exercise can be asking questions from yourself like where is the logo placed? What sort of navigation I want? Where should be search and button placed? After few such questions, you get a more clear picture of what is required, with better understanding of what you really want.
One of the toughest things for a client to do is to give freedom of work, the most basic element is to give the control. This never means you won’t get what you are looking for but micromanaging the process of designing is not a good idea to go with. You hired a designer because you value her skills and expertise. So trust is the key element, trust them that whatever they are designing is according to your initial input and requirement. Designer know the designing part better then you, so its more comfortable and better to get out of the way and let them create with freedom.
The worst part of the picture is getting into the middle or end of project and discussing the payment matters. So the key is to discuss such money and deadlines in beginning of the project. Getting everything down on the paper before you start the work is the easiest way out and it avoids later headaches.
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Choosing a Web Design Company

If your small business needs a new website or a website redesign then your options can be truly limitless. There is a large number of web design and development companies out there to choose from. Here are a few pointers on a good process for choosing the right web design company for you.

1. Assess your needs and budget – The first step in choosing a web design company is examining your own business needs. Why do you need a website? What will the site be used for? Do you need to redesign an existing site that is no longer current with today’s technology and style? Will you be in need of an eCommerce solution, or custom-programmed functionality? Do you have a budget and time frame in mind for this project? Determining your needs and budget will later help in evaluating your options.

2. Evaluate your options – Can you get away with a cheap do-it-yourself template based solution, or do you need a professionally designed, custom built website with functionality tailored exactly to your business’s needs? When looking at custom web design companies ask yourself first: Do I like their website? Do I like the work shown in their portfolio? If you do then try contacting them by phone to discuss the details of a possible project. After contacting a few companies you should be able to narrow the list down to a few finalists for which you would like to schedule a face-to-face meeting.

3. Compare finalists – Meeting with the finalists for a web design project is an essential step. Come prepared to discuss your project in an organized and thorough manner. Try to discuss the entire scope of project, and then determine which finalists you feel most confident in communicating with and working with. Ask for a written proposal from each finalist. When comparing companies you will want to determine which company volunteered the best ideas, which company seemed most capable, and of course which company offers you the best value.

4. Come to an Agreement – Upon selecting your final choice you will want to have the web design company supply a written contract agreement that covers all aspects of the project’s scope, and clearly defines the payment terms and expected time frame. If you haven’t previously you will need to discuss related services like hosting, domain registration, and SEO to determine if these will also be handled by the web design company or if you will need to seek these services separately. It is vitally important that any company you work with will transfer the source code of the project to your ownership once the project is completed and paid-for. You should also always have ownership of your chosen domain, and access to the website files on the live server.

Good luck in your next web design project.

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