At MediaLinkers, we empower your website with quality tools that are important for driving the business forward. A CMS (Content Management System) gives you complete control of your website content. You can update pages, manage picture gallery, testimonials and much more. No technical skills are required to operate a CMS and we can typically train you to use our CMS in less than an hour.

Custom CMS (Content Managemenet System)
Our dedicated Custom CMS Developer is ready to program from scratch and integrate a custom content management system to manage your custom website. Whenever possible, we prefer to use our custom CMS. Controlling the content on your site is as easy as using a word processor. With a custom designed content management system from MediaLinkers you will have all the tools to update and add content on your website at no additional maintenance cost. Adding or editing content is simple and shows up instantly on the front-end of your site. You will have a password protected back-admin control panel with all the tools you need, and none of the tools you don’t. We custom design the interface exactly to your specific needs creating a system that is powerful and easy to use.


Open Source CMS (WordPress)
An Open Source is out of the box program that can be integrated with your website to give you control. WordPress gives you the flexibility over your website. Our services are not just limited to plugging in a theme into WordPress. Our seasoned programmers posses the experience to build our own plugins to facilitate any custom needs of our client. Our WordPress developer’s abilities surpass any other company in Atlanta (GA).

If you are looking for a custom designed WordPress blog or are familiar with using WordPress as a CMS for your website, we can offer the custom front-end design that sets you apart from the crowd. WordPress is the best open-source source solution for blogging and CMS. We are very experienced in creating custom front-end designs for WordPress and can fully install and set-up your WordPress site for you. With our development experience and the thousands of available WordPress plug-ins and widgets we can help transform your WordPress site into anything you can imagine.

In today’s Internet marketing environment content is king. Always make sure that your site’s content is up to date without the hassles and expenses of having a web designer make changes for you. You will have access to your CMS anywhere you have access to the Internet. You can share access to the control panel to allow a whole creative team to work together from remote locations on your website content.


We enjoy helping individual and organizations plan how they will use the power of the Internet to keep their websites ahead of competitors. Contact us today to schedule a free consultancy.

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