18 Dec 2012

How to Communicate Needs & Expectations to Web Designer


You are looking for a designer, before you even had your first meeting about what you want done, the important element is to understand what a designer does. Clash between both parties is majorly because of misunderstanding about roles and false expectations.
Designing a logo, stationary, and a business card is quite different than getting them printed. Designers have knowledge and their own opinions in respective area; you want them to help you navigate in waters that you don’t feel assured paddling into alone. You hire development and production people to get something ready in finest and most efficient way.
Before hiring a designer, you really need to think about what is needed, what kind of functionality you want your users to get out of the design, what sort of information you want to convey and type of feelings you want to evoke.
At times people like some existing websites, and they want same as their competitors. You should always take into account why you like a particular design, how it relates to what you want. Special attention should be given to functionality part of what you like. The most helpful exercise can be asking questions from yourself like where is the logo placed? What sort of navigation I want? Where should be search and button placed? After few such questions, you get a more clear picture of what is required, with better understanding of what you really want.
One of the toughest things for a client to do is to give freedom of work, the most basic element is to give the control. This never means you won’t get what you are looking for but micromanaging the process of designing is not a good idea to go with. You hired a designer because you value her skills and expertise. So trust is the key element, trust them that whatever they are designing is according to your initial input and requirement. Designer know the designing part better then you, so its more comfortable and better to get out of the way and let them create with freedom.
The worst part of the picture is getting into the middle or end of project and discussing the payment matters. So the key is to discuss such money and deadlines in beginning of the project. Getting everything down on the paper before you start the work is the easiest way out and it avoids later headaches.
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