Jobs and Careers

MediaLinkers thrives on the potential and competence of our employees. We offer a challenging job environment to our employees with competitive and attractive packages supported by a strong benefit structure.
We constantly improve our process and professionalism level and we are very serious in choosing our employees. The key to accomplishing our visions and goals lies in hiring and maintaining a team of professionals dedicated to working hard, taking pride in their roles, and contributing to the overall goals of MediaLinkers' web solutions company.

Why Join MediaLinkers?
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment
  • Casual and comfortable working environment
  • Ambitious, cooperative and friendly co-workers
  • Paid holidays per year
  • Automated staff management
  • MBO work process with autonomy to decide your own deadlines
  • Lowest employee turn over ratio among all software companies in country
  • Special benefits for sports, entertainment and outing lovers
  • Complete Job security with guaranteed job appraisal every six months