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  • Medialinkers FB Update
    12 Jan

    What Facebook Plans for 2016?

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    Facebook is pushing boundaries with every year and this year too, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has set a few challenges to further grow the social network in both the social and professional ways. Reportedly, ... Read More

  • Twitter Logo by Medialinkers
    06 Jan

    Twitter to Increase its 140 Character Limit by the End of 2016

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    Twitter is finally considering extending its 140 character limit to 10,000 characters by the end of 2016, reports Read More

  • HTTPS medialinkers
    30 Dec

    No Link Authority Loss with HTTPS, Says Google

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    John Mueller of Google has finally confirmed that there would be no loss in the link authority when it comes to moving from HTTP to HTTPS. This news has been welcomed by a lot of SEOs since Google has... Read More

  • Medialinkers Social Mdia Trends
    16 Dec


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    Social media has revolutionized the way we do business today. According to the CEO Ryan Holmes, it would dominate the digital marketing world more in the upcoming year 2016. With about 2 billion activ... Read More

  • Ml seo
    14 Dec

    Taking a Holistic SEO Approach in the Year 2016

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    SEO in the current technology and days can’t afford to live in the silo. It is impacted directly and indirectly by marketing channels such as offline marketing, social media, PR and even the email m... Read More

  • medialinkers SEO
    09 Dec

    The SERPs Changes Google Made in the Year 2015

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    Google has implemented a lot of changes this year to the mobile search result format through its ‘mobilegeddeon’ update.  All these updates have caused chaos to the retailers.   There ... Read More

  • Mdialinkers Penguin Update
    04 Dec

    Google Penguin Won’t be rolled out until Next Year

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    It’s been a long while since Google has released the Penguin update, a lot of SEOs and webmasters were expecting Google to release the Penguin update by the end of this year.  However, due to the h... Read More

  • 30 Nov

    Switching to HTTP/2 & what it means for the SEOs?

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    According to Barry Schwartz, Google’s John Muller said that GoogleBot would be supporting the HTTP/2 by the end of this year or the next early year. What happens is that the https provides a tremend... Read More

  • Atlanta featured image by ML
    19 Nov

    Atlanta’s General & Business Overview

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    Atlanta has played an important role in both the 1960s Civil Rights movement and the civil war. The history center of Atlanta chronicles its past. The site of Martin Luther King Jr. is dedicated to th... Read More

  • 16 Nov

    Google Is Now Using Boost User Review Points, Beefing up the Maps Content

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      2 years ago, Google created a platform similar to the Yelp Elite Squad known as the city experts. It was targeted to accelerating the “high quality: acquisition through the local business ... Read More

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