questions you should ask a web design & development company

Questions You Should Ask A Web Design & Development Company

Most of our client are great business owners who know nothing about web design or development. Naturally, they come to us with a ton of questions you should ask a web design & development company. Having an educated client aids in making sure that we exceed their expectations. It also makes them more likely to become a steady, ongoing part of our family-like network.


This will be a multi-part series where we have compiled a list of the most important questions you should ask a web design & development company. Knowing the answers or what to expect should help to make the best decision for you. Some of the questions are self-directed, while others are mentioned for the developer, or red flags you should avoid.


  1. Does their Portfolio reflect the style you like?
    • Are there examples on their portfolio that reflect your style or your vision? Does their finished work look great, or is there some experience left to be had? Most companies do not display all of their work; however, you should be able to tell if they are capable of the look you want to achieve. If it isn’t apparent, do not be afraid to ask-they may have something up their sleeves to show you.
  2. Does the company have a knowledgeable process for work completion?
    • A company that has a proven process that works will not hesitate in explaining to you the way they work. A clear and well established work plan does not have to be detailed in writing. However, it should be able to easily be explained in a way that you understand. Look for a company that asks a ton of questions; it shows they are listening and the wheels in their head are turning a solution specifically for you.
  3. Does the company have reviews or references?
    • People usually leave reviews when they were either really impressed, or very disappointed. Take some time to check not just their own supplied reviews, but those on social media, Google, and other review sites. The ones published by a third party are less likely to be modified and may truly reflect their business. Privacy issues may affect the ability to provide direct references, but a portfolio should be readily available. References that are provided should have nothing but good to say about them.
  4. What is your experience?
    • In other words, can they do the work requested? How can they assure you that they can perform the work? A web design or development company will be able to understand your requirements with ease, and be quick to discuss follow-up questions or concerns to make sure that they get it right. They will not lead your discussion with their offers, rather let you explain what is needed. Then they are prepared to offer a solution that covers everything you planned, and everything you did not. It is easy to get distracted by bells and whistles of those who seem to have a preplanned go-to. Watch for companies that try to steer you away from building from your core business process in order to fit the mold they use.
  5. What is the lead time for starting a project?
    • Some may say that a free web developer, or one that does not have at least 1-2 weeks waiting time before starting should be meet with skepticism. However, many companies have a large team and resources to start a project. Plan to start within one month of beginning your search or run the risk of quotes expiring or other potential issues. DO consider the project deadline so that you leave enough time to complete the project without rushing.
  6. Does the company outsource their work?
    • This is a highly discussed subject in IT, and is sometimes a sore spot. Some companies do all of the work themselves (in-house), either in their office or by offshore development (their employees). Others may outsource some or all of their work to another company, which is usually offshore. Knowing which model they follow can help avoid going through any issues commonly associated with outsourced projects. Why go through a middle man when you can go directly to the source?
  7. How do you determine pricing or what is the cost?
    • Pricing is different for any web development or design company you meet. Costs usually depend on the total time and resources required. Some projects or tasks need to be billed hourly or can be charged a flat rate. Pricing can also vary according to the number of employees required, API integration, or even the speed you need it completed. Everyone has heard the horror stories of being told one price, and then later having to pay more. Just be sure to get a clear understanding of ALL fees involved, when they are expected, and what is the refund process in the event that things just don’t work out.
  8. Are they local?
    • A very important factor, we can’t stress enough how much easier a project can be with someone local. Choosing a local web design or development company is recommended because it enables you to sit down face to face with someone. Companies not local to you can lead to more frustrations when it’s  time discuss requirements, details, or changes. In the event that there is an issue, you can bring it directly to them because you know who and where they are.

We are about halfway through this list, but the best is yet to come. Check back next week for part two of most important questions you should ask a web design & development company. We plan on wrapping up with topics that really set web design and development companies apart, including why you should use MediaLinkers for your next project!

choosing right web development company

How to Choose the Right Web Development Company

Today we tackle a few tips on how to choose the right web development company for your next or future projects. This includes what should be done or considered in the search for finding the best fit for your company. There are a lot of questions that can arise for someone new to web development and these tips will help get the ball rolling in the right direction.

  1. Narrow down your scope or process down to expertise
    • A broad project scope can have too many variables to be cost efficient and successful. Likewise, hiring a person who may or may not be working outside of their specialty can be trouble as well. Narrowing the project scope and determining who is best for a job can lead to great results from available companies. In some areas, having that specific expertise made the project completion even possible. There is a reason some choose specialties beyond the surface; use that to your advantage.
  2. Know your budget
    • Looking for web development services without knowing your absolute budget is like choosing a house without knowing your loan amount. Whether you have an idea or not, knowing the max amount you are willing to spend to get exactly what you want will let you know if your budget is reasonable or you need to adjust. There’s no wrong or right answer; a great web development company will work with you to meet your needs.
  3. Check out their website and portfolio
    • A great designer or programmer will always have a ready portfolio. If they do not, then their either don’t have experience or their experience is too bad to show. Start first with their website, and usually a portfolio of client work is to be found here. Web development companies usually don’t display all of their work. Do not be afraid to speak up if you do not see something you are looking for or want.
  4. Set up a meeting
    • Most web development companies offer free consultations to discuss and quote your requirements. Set up a meeting to get a feel of the people you could be working with. If face to face isn’t an option, web and phone conferences are also available with most companies. This can also give you a feel of who you are working with and how well they know their stuff.
  5. Get multiple quotes, if necessary
    • You can always gauge whether you have gotten a fair price or good deal by comparing your quotes from different companies. If your budget is lower than all of the quotes, then you know a new budget is needed. You can also compare companies who are offering more or less features and contractual requirements for the same, more, or less than others.
  6. Ask about fees and deadlines
    • Some web development companies require lead time or advance notice prior to starting. Others, like this web development company, can get started immediately following contract execution. There can be small or large fees either hidden or upfront for items such as Expedited/Rush, Additional Programming hours, etc. Also, there may be penalties for projects you delay or abandon. Checking out these terms prior to getting started with eliminate surprises if an issue arises.
  7. Ask about Support
    • To get in contact, do you have to wait until certain hours overseas, or call an automated system? Or is contact by email only? Is the assistance limited to during the project timeline, or is there support post-production or launch? Knowing where and for how long you have somewhere to turn to in the even you need help can make all the difference in the long run. Quick, responsive, and available support can be the difference in feeling like it was money well spent.
  8. Ask about Project Coordination/Manager
    • Will someone walk me through this process? Is there someone you can easily contact should an issue with your project occurs? When you contact the company, will you be speaking with the same person each time? All of these are very important questions to ask when searching for a web development company. This can let you know if they will see their work through, or dismiss you once they have been paid.
  9. Proof is in the Pudding!
    • In other words, can they really do what they say they can do? Even beginners can work with templates and minor programming, however, if a custom requirement comes up, can the development team handle it? The last thing you want is to run into a problem and the company chosen has no clue how to fix it. Flexibility and adaptability to custom or changing requirements or problems occurring can set the competition apart.
  10. Ownership
    • ALWAYS ensure you own your project code or website. For a small subset of clients, ownership isn’t all too important. However, for the majority of organizations, owning the intellectual property, website, application, or even domain is crucial to the longevity of your business. MediaLinkers has even counseled clients on how to take back ownership or control, or have had to break the news that they don’t actually own a huge part of their brand.


While not a conclusive list, starting with these points should help in making a good  decision regarding choosing a web development company. MediaLinkers knows that this can be confusing to some whose core business is in another sector. Call us today to see what solutions we can offer, and let us show you why choosing the right web development company starts with us!

Why Choose Our Hosting

We often are asked why should someone choose our hosting over any of the many providers available. Most of our clients of the websites we build either choose our hosting initially, or after trying another hosting provider, eventually move to our Hosting shortly after. The following are the reasons why we hear this is most often done:


– The most important concern is the speed and resources we allocate. For example, if a bigger company having millions of clients decides to compromise on resources slightly, it turns into a huge profit at a large scale. In those instances, they always play on a thin line to increase profits, similarly to how big Airlines deciding to reduce 2 inches of leg space on all aircrafts can allow them to accommodate 20 more passengers on one plane, but many customers sit with their knees hurting. On the other hand, we at MediaLinkers prefer to have 20 passengers on a big Airbus and show our clients the speed before and after moving to us and prove that it is twice as fast to host with us.


– Everything available under one roof. If your website goes down, you will have one company to hold responsible for it. You won’t hear your web design company stating, “It is because of your Hosting,” and vice versa.


– We do not consider our customers as just another Hosting client, but instead a company that has trusted in us for their online platform, so our support is more dedicated. We have seen several examples of clients who were hosting with prime Hosting companies, and had their websites totally lost after a server crash, sometimes to no fault of the customer.


– We do not up-charge or upsell. One example is GoDaddy selling you SSL for an additional $80/year. With our hosting it is included.


– If you buy a general hosting package, you won’t have the flexibility to enable some of the functions we build because of security on the server’s end. A general Hosting company won’t make changes to the server that would benefit you and may even be against their policy because that may affect thousands of websites shared on the same server.


Do any of these reasons apply to you? Or do you have questions on unique hosting situation? No job is too small or large as we service all company sizes. See for yourself why you should choose our hosting. Contact MediaLinkers today for a free hosting analysis and we can have you up and running tomorrow!

g&g cycles of roswell

G & G Cycles of Roswell – A new shop in town!

[Roswell, Georgia] – G & G Cycles of Roswell, a motorcycle repair shop, opened its doors in 2017 after owner Shawn Guinther branched off independently. Following 13 years in the industry, Guinther pursued his dreams to open an independently owned, dealership alternative, offering quality work at affordable prices. “We are a one-stop, full service shop for all American V-Twin and Metric models,” said Guinther, stating that they believe in treating your motorcycle like their own.


Prior to opening G & G Cycles of Roswell, Guinther co-owned another motorcycle repair shop in Woodstock with a friend. Two years of co-running the business gave Guinther the experience and confidence to open his own shop under the independent brand. Guinther, who graduated from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) in 2004, is a family man, who enjoys spending time with his wife and two children when he isn’t at work.


G & G Cycles of Roswell takes pleasure in being locally owned and operated. They don’t have shareholders, so there is no need to inflate prices to meet a quota. The convenience and personal relationship tendered is easy and authentic, with Guinther being available in the shop most days for you to meet. MediaLinkers Web Design’s owner even stopped by with short notice to congratulate Guinther on his successful website launch, and assisted in filming a short video on services offered by G & G Cycles of Roswell, which can be seen here.


Motorcycle enthusiasts with a repair need will love the services that G & G Cycles of Roswell has to offer. In honor of their launch, they are offering a special on LED lighting! They are a distributor for Custom Dynamics LEDs, and also offer a free installation of any LED turn signal kit when purchased with your LED headlight kit. This offer ends soon, so don’t wait!


About G & G Cycles of Roswell

Shawn Guinther opened the doors to G & G Cycles of Roswell in 2017 and offer a full range of services, maintenance, and accessories for most makes and models of motorcycles. Locally owned and operated, G & G Cycles of Roswell takes pride in affordable prices and quality workmanship.  For more information, visit our web site at

View and Ask Launches New Type of Buy & Sale Site!

[Kennesaw, Georgia] – Zachary Jensen, CEO and Founder of View and Ask launched, an online marketplace where you, the buyer, can view and ask questions about the item for sale. You can also list your own items, such as an old watch, a sports collection, or even a car, and then add pictures or video of it.   “I was sick and tired of being burned online seller after seller” said Jensen. “I always seemed to be giving the seller the benefit of the doubt, and after wasting so much time and money, I set out to find a solution to the online buying problem.”


View and Ask incorporates live two-way video conferencing so that you can see for yourself how the item looks or works, which is useful in cases such as if you are making a sale that requires you to drive a bit to meet. You can search for items by keyword, the state you reside in, or a specific category. Privacy was a concern for each step of the development process, noting that each user has control over what information they allow others to see.


“Along the way, I have added a few extra features like the Blooper Zone,” chuckled Jensen. “My goal for this idea is to bring the trust back to online buying one sell at a time.” Jensen hopes to add additional features and functionality as they grow, through the help of MediaLinkers Web Design, who was contracted for the branding, web design, and development of the website. Charlie Jensen, Zach’s father, and part of his team was thankful to MediaLinkers for their “vision, experience, and guidance leading to the successful launch of”.


In honor of their launch, View and Ask is offering FREE listings for all items, so list away! However it is not mentioned for how long, so make your way over to now before this deal is expired.



About View and Ask is committed to offering a premier online buying and selling platform that integrates the latest technologies for user economy, honesty, integrity, and security. Launching its new website this past summer,’s online system provides an anonymous, two-way visual communications system that allows a buyer to see and speak with a seller in real time and, at the same time, to visually inspect the item being sold without exchanging personally identifying information. For more information, visit our web site at


Importance of wordpress business Site

What Makes WordPress Important for Business and Blog Sites?

WordPress is certainly one of the most popular content management systems, empowering about one-fourth of sites on internet today. Launched initially as a blogging medium, the platform today can be used to build any type of website, thus becoming an integral part of the internet. While WP development is not difficult for many programmers, there are still many things which you may not be aware of.


WordPress has become an ultimate choice among many business owners for the ease of maintenance and low website development cost. Wondering what makes the platform so special? Given below are some statistics which have been gathered by the Medialinkers web designers to highlight the popularity of platform.


WordPress Infographic

Google Cards by Medialinkers

Google Testing another Search Results Feature “Local Business Cards”

The search results will soon be equipped with another feature “Local Business Cards,” as Google has started testing it with the search results. This is a reasonable description of a new card carousel which features content from local businesses near the search results top.  This is a real test, as confirmed by Google itself, since local business cards are built on the similar display functionality as the candidate cards launched some time ago.


It is nothing more than an experiment at this phase. It is all about custom content, not withdrawn from Google My Business or other feeds. It is also worth noticing that Google has allowed and introduced animations for the first time on the search result pages.


The format was built keeping mobile users in mind to equally display in PC results. The local business cards will appear immediately aside the Knowledge Panel displaying that business on desktops and below the knowledge panel below the mobile.


As far as candidate cards are concerned the intent is to permit business to communicate directly in search results. Information and content highlights the business services and products in ways which knowledge panel doesn’t allow. Content cannot be shared within carousel.


The feature is quite significant for local SEO, however Google has not yet confirmed if the Local Business Cards will be made a permanent feature of search results or not.


For news, stay tuned to Medialinkers Kennesaw web design agency.

GooGoogle Reviews by Medialinkers

Google Fixes the Drop in Review Stars

A lot of review stars against company sites in the search result pages for different queries have returned back to the normal state. Webmasters saw removal of business review stars in search results. Mozcast, Popular SEO tool’s SERP Graph feature showed a decline from 35% to 22% for a number of queries in the past few days, and had many webmasters and SEOs worried.


Many doubted Google for doing it purposefully as another major search engine change; however, since nothing official has come out from Google, and the things are back to normal in the SERPs arena, we can safely say that the removal of reviews was caused due to a bug instead of an intentional move by Google.


Stay tuned to medialinkers for more information.

9 Web hosting Tips by Medialinkers

9 Tips to Selecting the Right Web Hosting Agency

A professional web hosting company is essential to any site. It is the foundation of your brand, your website and your business. Since, a website is a gateway to your business online, any downtime will make you lose business. When planning a serious presence online, finding a good web hosting company becomes really important.

It is quite challenging to choose between good web hosting companies. Here are 9 tips to assist you in the selection of a right web hosting company, presented by Medialinkers web hosting agency.

9 tips for selecting web hosting

medialinkers FB Updates

Facebook is Now Connecting People over Sports via Sports Stadium

Facebook has introduced a feature known as “Sports Stadium” to its messenger app for catering to the needs of sport enthusiasts.  The Sports Stadium feature will allow sports fans to connect with each other, sharing information related to games, stats, teams, etc.  The sports stadium also allows users to play-by-play action, taking the gaming experience to the next level.


The feature is only available to the US users through Facebook’s iOS app for now, and includes American Football games; however games such as basketball will be added later on.


You can access the feature by conducting a simple Search for a game in Facebook’s main app.  The dashboard consists of information like live scores, news, commentary, stats window and sports personalities to start with.  Last but not the least, Sports stadium also tells you which of your friends are currently watching a game.


In short, it provides a real-time sports experience of watching a game, in addition to sharing it around with your fellow sports enthusiasts.

Facebook CEO shared to encourage people over sports through this feature and promised to further improve on it over time through user feedback.

Stay tuned to Medialinkers blog for more news.