28 May 2014

Flash Vs. HTML 5

Flash is gradually becoming obsolete. There are a few notable differences between flash and HTML 5.  Some key issues with Flash, is that Flash products are composed as large files which can be troublesome to load on a website. Using a flash player will also be an inconvenience to your Web visitors, since they will have to download and install Flash. This may mean you miss your chance to get your message or video in front of your prospect; not to mention the amount of times a website will crash and slows down because of the flash coding. Flash is also not supported with Apple products and most other mobile devices. According to Pew Research Center over 63% of cell phone users access the Internet with a cell phone and 34% use it as their primary source to access the Internet. MediaLinkers can design or redesign your website using HTML 5 instead of Flash. HTML 5 is a robust Web language, which is supported by mobile devices and above all its cheaper and more modern way of creating websites, using similar if not better amount of animation compared to Flash. 

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