• Mobile Optimization

    Who uses a PC anymore? In recent years there has been a steady decline in PC users. In a recent study researchers have found one half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. Mobile tags on products carry more information (price comparison, product review) then the barcode itself....

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  • Google AdWords and Why You Should Use It

    Google AdWords and Why You Should Use It

    Every business wants a fast, easy, and effective way to advertise their business. Whether big or small, local or international, advertising your business efficiently will grow your customer base, and in return, grow your revenue. One of those effective ways is through Google AdWords®. Google is...

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  • Automating Your Business

    Automating Your Business

    One move that you, as a business owner, should make is automating your business. Whether it’s approving time off, or sending mass marketing emails, there are tools available to do it all for you. Some require little to no setup effort, while others require a lot initially, however, once the...

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  • eCommerce Sales

    eCommerce Sales

    Thinking about starting an eCommerce website, but afraid it might not prosper? Or do you already have a website, but having doubts on whether starting one was the best idea? Analysts over at The Custora eCommerce Pulse, a free online dashboard that tracks online transactions in real-time from over...

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  • Google Planning for Huge Mobile Optimization Update, Starting April 21st

    Google Planning for Huge Mobile Optimization Update, Starting April 21st

    Search engine optimization is no longer limited to how well your website performs on  regular desktop machines. According to Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Zineb Ait Bahajji, a new update (ready to be released on April 21st) is specially designed to have a major impact even stronger than the...

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  • Yahoo & Google Pairing Up For Yet another Deal

    Yahoo & Google Pairing Up For Yet another Deal

    The yahoo shares were dropped recently; however, the news has it that the company has partnered up with the search giant Google. The agreement spreads over a period of 3 years covering both the desktop and mobile audiences here and abroad. Now all eyes are on Google and Yahoo partnership, seeing...

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  • What Facebook Plans for 2016?

    What Facebook Plans for 2016?

    Facebook is pushing boundaries with every year and this year too, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has set a few challenges to further grow the social network in both the social and professional ways. Reportedly, Mark Zuckerberg wants to develop an artificially intelligent system to respond to his requirements....

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  • The Time for SEO is Now

    The Time for SEO is Now

    As 2020 continues to be as unpredictable as Georgia weather, one habit of your users and potential clientele is growing. Searching for businesses still open during the ongoing pandemic has become increasingly more common as customers struggle to navigate a new norm. In addition to using some of the...

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