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The New Search Analytics Report has Been Launched in the Webmaster Tools by Google

Yesterday, Google officially launched the new Search Analytics report within the Google webmaster Tools. The search analytics report is ultimately going to replace the search query report in 3 months when Google removes it from the tool.  The Search Analytics are capable of doing a lot more than the search queries report as they would offer you more data and the filtering options.




Google has been working on all these tools and reports for a long time, such as opening of an Alpha test in January, approving webmasters for the same test in February and finally rolling a mobile update to give it more strength and focus.


According to the spokesperson of Google, with the new search analytics report, you will be able to break down the search data of your site and would also be able to filter it in a lot of ways in order to analyze it accordingly. They also said that, in spite some differences between the search queries and the search analytics, the data is still more accurate and calculated accurately. You can also get insight regarding all this through the Google’s help document.


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