Taking a Holistic SEO Approach in the Year 2016


Taking a Holistic SEO Approach in the Year 2016

  • 14 Dec 2015
SEO in the current technology and days can’t afford to live in the silo. It is impacted directly and indirectly by marketing channels such as offline marketing, social media, PR and even the email marketing.  All these signals would include citations, brand mentions, search relevancy, citations, links, content and usage data.

SEO used to be about just the links, crawls, rankings and keywords in the early 2000s; however, it has become more complicated today. By having a synergy between the marketing channels, you can boost your SEO efforts, which would further boost your marketing efforts by allowing you to capitalize on the opportunities. It would also help you in the tailoring of the marketing efforts in building a strong brand regardless of how the single marketing channel performs.


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Also, it is not too simple to cultivate solid relationships between the other marketing channels and SEO.

Some example of the different channels is as follow:

Holistic Marketing Plan of Action

Take an example of an event that has to be covered by the Elite SEM in the New York City. It is also a large event for the existing businesses and clients within the area of New York City. Here is how the different teams would work together for the event promotion:

The marketing channels would meet for discussing a promotion and content strategy for the event. The different teams include SEO, PR, Paid Search and Display.

When you are looking for the marketing company to create a page about a certain event, you can have the SEO and the paid search terms conducting the keyword research. The marketing team uses this research for the development of content for the website event page. The SEO team offers optimizations recommended for the page itself.

The team of marketing then develops the highlights in a video for the promotion of the upcoming event. The SEO team optimizes for the YouTube video. After everything is ready, the event page gets published on a site. The SEOs optimize it for the YouTube and after everything is properly done, it’s embedded on the event page of the company site. Following things are included:

  • Content structuring the event, schedules, speakers and attending benefits etc.
  • On-Page optimization appropriate
  • Event and Local Business Markup from schema.org
  • YouTube Hosted Video Embedding
  • Good Map Integration for the easy navigation and finding of a location.
  • Email and Social Sharing Buttons

Contact Form

SEO team also has to advise the adding of new events to the XML sitemap. The marketing team has to add a blog post regarding the event and this helps in the building of internal links.

The social media team has to add the event to the social media profiles, adding it to the Events app and then promoting the video through the Video apps. The PR team is responsible for the creation of a press release highlighting the event submission to the PR outlets. The press release includes links back to the company website’s event page.

Then is the time to do paid promotion. The display and the paid search teams have launched campaigns targeting the business in the target area; whereas the search and social team have to launch the FB news feed ad campaign for promoting the event. The PR and the SEO teams work together on outreaching to the websites and influencers for highlighting the upcoming event.  The SEO and the PR teams work together for outreaching to the sites and influencers for highlighting the upcoming event.

When the campaign progresses, the social and SEO team have already tracked the social signals, inbound links and the brand mentions to the events page. These teams meet weekly for reporting the marketing efforts by channel.

Final Thoughts

On final thoughts, you can say that all the channels working together would help in expanding the marketing reach for having a solid plan. So when starting the New Year, make sure to take this approach to SEO.

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