What Makes Your Website And Business Unique?


What Makes Your Website And Business Unique?

  • 19 Dec 2012

Have you ever heard of UPS? You might think it as something affiliated with internet, basically it is a concept that has been around for years. UPS is Unique Selling Proposition and it could make you prominent from your competitors. So the chief element is to identify what is unique about your business and what makes it different from your competitors. If you know this then you have won half the battle. Being unique and brining something innovative is what make your business different, if you don’t know, it’s time to evaluate your business and the competitors.

The basic ingredient is target audience, and understanding what your audience actually need, their interests create an approach which outlines who you want your site to reach and how can you differ from rest of market.

Design part, Logo is the basic and most important component  if you are like me, as soon as a new webpage is loaded , its either the logo or the design that often conclude that whether I have to stay or go. Logo is your unique identity, presents a polished “we are professional and real” look that tells about rest of your website.


The stage is set, now you have to convince a visitor/reader to keep looking around. Eye movement, Negative space, Typography, and a color scheme is what you should keep in mind while designing. Creating a balance in design is what keeps your reader comfortable. First things first, keep in mind that content should be laid in such a way that what’s the most important is most easily found. Moreover, never overload your audience with flood of knowledge, or force them to search for essentials. Navigation should simple and direct.

Once you are done with the stage and framework, it’s time for content. This step is sensitive and extremely significant. Everything on your site must give benefit to your readers, it’s got to be genuine, it got to fix your strategy, it got to be convincing. No SEO junk. If you are done with this step cautiously and effectively you’re likely to move to a higher level of sites that make the “bookmarked” list.

Making a perfect website is not a big thing it’s all about meeting a customer requirement, designing a thoughtful, attractive design and providing an excellent worth. If you assure them all, your website will definitely look extraordinary from its competitors. So start your distinctive website today