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View and Ask Launches New Type of Buy & Sale Site!

[Kennesaw, Georgia] – Zachary Jensen, CEO and Founder of View and Ask launched ViewandAsk.com, an online marketplace where you, the buyer, can view and ask questions about the item for sale. You can also list your own items, such as an old watch, a sports collection, or even a car, and then add pictures or video of it.   “I was sick and tired of being burned online seller after seller” said Jensen. “I always seemed to be giving the seller the benefit of the doubt, and after wasting so much time and money, I set out to find a solution to the online buying problem.”


View and Ask incorporates live two-way video conferencing so that you can see for yourself how the item looks or works, which is useful in cases such as if you are making a sale that requires you to drive a bit to meet. You can search for items by keyword, the state you reside in, or a specific category. Privacy was a concern for each step of the development process, noting that each user has control over what information they allow others to see.


“Along the way, I have added a few extra features like the Blooper Zone,” chuckled Jensen. “My goal for this idea is to bring the trust back to online buying one sell at a time.” Jensen hopes to add additional features and functionality as they grow, through the help of MediaLinkers Web Design, who was contracted for the branding, web design, and development of the website. Charlie Jensen, Zach’s father, and part of his team was thankful to MediaLinkers for their “vision, experience, and guidance leading to the successful launch of viewandask.com”.


In honor of their launch, View and Ask is offering FREE listings for all items, so list away! However it is not mentioned for how long, so make your way over to ViewandAsk.com now before this deal is expired.



About View and Ask

ViewandAsk.com is committed to offering a premier online buying and selling platform that integrates the latest technologies for user economy, honesty, integrity, and security. Launching its new website this past summer, ViewandAsk.com’s online system provides an anonymous, two-way visual communications system that allows a buyer to see and speak with a seller in real time and, at the same time, to visually inspect the item being sold without exchanging personally identifying information. For more information, visit our web site at www.viewandask.com.


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SEO and UX by medialinkers

Benefits of Aligning UX and SEO When Building the Website

SEO is often termed as rankings on the search results page, but this is part of just one story. SEO however, is all about understanding what the consumers are looking for and recognizing how the brand can provide value in a moment.


Google is increasingly considering the user behavior signals and today things such as page load time, button size on a mobile screen and ad cluttering above the fold are all about the user experience weight and signals in the organic search algorithm.


For the users to convert, you need to understand what the keywords and consumers truly want to consume. This means that SEO today is not about changing the Meta tags, but it’s about enhancing the brand’s digital ecosystem.


SEO has a lot to do with the way users engage in a site and deal with the rankings. The reason for this concept is that there are always 5m Google results which came up when searching for ‘UX and SEO.’ UX and SEO are part of one box, whether we acknowledge these or not.



Every side of SEO and UX brings in different tools, best practices, and data to the table. If you are wondering as to how, you can maximize these inputs for creating a findable, usable and irresistible output. The UX designers are always relying on the interactions, wireframes and storytelling to convey experience created towards the users. But the SEO experts rely on the search data directly from the users to share the same experience. SEO has got the data which the UX needs and in turn UX has the design framework which SEO needs.


The moment you understand that SEO and UX are immeasurable, the better way to handle them is to start working in parallel when the design becomes high performing and usable. Given below are the 4 things you require when aligning UX and SEO to the same goals:


A Usable and Searchable Site

The site is useful only if it’s found by the users. According to the Forrester’s statistics, 93% of the online experience starts with a search. But according to different reports, a user experience starts even before arriving onto the site.


UX decisions are backed by Real Life User Data

First: The design decisions are based on the data from a sample size far larger than the focus groups, previous design experience, and the usability studies.  The SEO experts use the keyword data for the identification of patterns as to how the people are searching on the topics they are searching on. The SEO experts are also using keyword data for the identification of patterns in how the people search and the topics they are looking for. You can equip the UX designers with the real life data, directly informing the people who are going to be served by web experience.


SEO insights are also baked into the site experience, locating the site to perform its best in the organic search from day one, instead of spending the resources applying the band-Aids post lunch.


Few Post Launch Errors Leading to a Smooth Experience

It’s really important to recognize that a broken link on the error page is not just about the SEO problem. It comes mainly under the user problem. For instance, if a user clicks on the link and is expected to go somewhere new, they can discover more information that they care about. They are eager to check out your error page and don’t have the patience for figuring out where the real content comes from. So solving the site issues is a priority for both the UX and SEO experts.


Dealing with the Problems in a Creative Way

Identification of an SEO obstacle leads to creative problem solving, making a site even better than its design. When it comes to working with a UX designer for the development of new site architecture, you have to explain the proposed design for optimizing the long tail for the highly relevant topics. But at the last, you can modify the site architecture and templates for accommodating the additional content level, which is a concept reused throughout the site.


The partnership of UX with SEO leads more towards the SEO goal and is also improved upon the design and resources available for the visitors. If you partner up with UX and SEO, you would never have to hear a complaint from the boss, end-user and clients regarding it.


If you want to know more about UX and SEO, you can consult with the UX and SEO professionals at Medialinkers. You can also read the Medialinkers Kennesaw Reviews for yourself.

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Why We Love Atlanta

Top ten reasons why we love Atlanta:

10. Scenary – Atlanta has a beautiful skyline featuring the Georgia Dome and many architecturally attractive skyscrapers. On the outskirts of Atlanta you will find Stone Mountain, Kennesaw Mountain, and the Chattahoochee River.  Atlanta is also a short drive from the nearby North Georgia Appalachian Mountains, and the Atlantic coast.

9. Shopping – Atlanta offers tons of shopping choices, from Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza to Little Five Points and Atlantic Station. If you are looking for that perfect something, chances are you can find it here.

8. Restaurants – Atlanta is an eater’s paradise. From the Varsity to elegant gourmet dining Atlanta has it all. You will find many influences in the restaurants around the Atlanta. The more areas you explore the more surprising dishes you will find.

7. Museums, the Zoo, and the Aquarium – There are many educational and cultural activities in Atlanta. Some of our favorites are the Botanical Gardens, High Museum of Art, the Georgia Aquarium, the Atlanta Zoo, the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the World of Coke, and the Center for the Puppetry Arts.

6.  Outdoor Adventure – Atlanta and the surrounding area is filled with hiking and biking trails. The Silver Comet is a fully paved walking, biking, and running trail that spans 61 miles from Smyrna, GA near Atlanta to Cedartown, GA near the Alabama state line. There are numerous hiking trails at Stone Mountain and Kennesaw Mountain. You can also “Shoot the Hooch” for a lazy inner tube river adventure or travel north a bit for a true whitewater canoe or kayak adventure.

5. Six Flags/Whitewater – If its thrills your looking for try a day at either Six Flags Over Georgia or Whitewater amusement parks. Six Flags over Georgia offers many thrilling roller coasters as well as rides and attractions for younger kids. There is nothing better than spending a hot Atlanta summer day sliding down the water slides at Whitewater.

4. Sports – Atlanta has a full docket of professional sporting events to attend including the Braves, Hawks, Falcons, and the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Georgia and Georgia Tech Universities offer many opportunities to attend collegiate athletic events.  Atlanta is also an excellent golf destination. And if you are looking at joining in the action there are many amateur  leagues and pick-up games going on around the city for lesser known sports like disc golf, cricket, and ultimate Frisbee.

3. Music – Atlanta is home for many hip-hop artists, and also has a thriving live music scene. There are many unique venues throughout the city and there is always the opportunity to see great live music. Some notable local acts and artists include the Allman Brothers Band, Col. Bruce Hampton, R.E.M., Outkast, T.I. and Ludacris.

2. Opportunity – Atlanta is truly the land of opportunity. Several large companies are headquartered here including Home Depot and Coca-Cola. Atlanta is a large and diverse market with thousands of small businesses serving millions of customers. Atlanta is a great place for entrepreneurs to start thriving new businesses.

And the number one reason we love Atlanta…

1. Georgia Peaches

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