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g&g cycles of roswell

G & G Cycles of Roswell – A new shop in town!

[Roswell, Georgia] – G & G Cycles of Roswell, a motorcycle repair shop, opened its doors in 2017 after owner Shawn Guinther branched off independently. Following 13 years in the industry, Guinther pursued his dreams to open an independently owned, dealership alternative, offering quality work at affordable prices. “We are a one-stop, full service shop for all American V-Twin and Metric models,” said Guinther, stating that they believe in treating your motorcycle like their own.


Prior to opening G & G Cycles of Roswell, Guinther co-owned another motorcycle repair shop in Woodstock with a friend. Two years of co-running the business gave Guinther the experience and confidence to open his own shop under the independent brand. Guinther, who graduated from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) in 2004, is a family man, who enjoys spending time with his wife and two children when he isn’t at work.


G & G Cycles of Roswell takes pleasure in being locally owned and operated. They don’t have shareholders, so there is no need to inflate prices to meet a quota. The convenience and personal relationship tendered is easy and authentic, with Guinther being available in the shop most days for you to meet. MediaLinkers Web Design’s owner even stopped by with short notice to congratulate Guinther on his successful website launch, and assisted in filming a short video on services offered by G & G Cycles of Roswell, which can be seen here.


Motorcycle enthusiasts with a repair need will love the services that G & G Cycles of Roswell has to offer. In honor of their launch, they are offering a special on LED lighting! They are a distributor for Custom Dynamics LEDs, and also offer a free installation of any LED turn signal kit when purchased with your LED headlight kit. This offer ends soon, so don’t wait!


About G & G Cycles of Roswell

Shawn Guinther opened the doors to G & G Cycles of Roswell in 2017 and offer a full range of services, maintenance, and accessories for most makes and models of motorcycles. Locally owned and operated, G & G Cycles of Roswell takes pride in affordable prices and quality workmanship.  For more information, visit our web site at http://www.gandgcyclesofroswell.com/.

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Importance of wordpress business Site

What Makes WordPress Important for Business and Blog Sites?

WordPress is certainly one of the most popular content management systems, empowering about one-fourth of sites on internet today. Launched initially as a blogging medium, the platform today can be used to build any type of website, thus becoming an integral part of the internet. While WP development is not difficult for many programmers, there are still many things which you may not be aware of.


WordPress has become an ultimate choice among many business owners for the ease of maintenance and low website development cost. Wondering what makes the platform so special? Given below are some statistics which have been gathered by the Medialinkers web designers to highlight the popularity of platform.


WordPress Infographic

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10 Web Design Trends For 2016 by Medialinkers

Top 10 Web Design Trends to Follow in 2016

2016 promises eye-catching and interesting web design trends to provide a great and smooth web experience for everyone. Paying attention to these web trends will not only help you to stay on top of your designs, but also to impress clients at the same time. Reportedly, clients prefer hiring a company based on the look of its official website. Here are the 10 most important web design trends presented by Medialinkers website design agency that will dominate the year 2016.



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SEO and UX by medialinkers

Benefits of Aligning UX and SEO When Building the Website

SEO is often termed as rankings on the search results page, but this is part of just one story. SEO however, is all about understanding what the consumers are looking for and recognizing how the brand can provide value in a moment.


Google is increasingly considering the user behavior signals and today things such as page load time, button size on a mobile screen and ad cluttering above the fold are all about the user experience weight and signals in the organic search algorithm.


For the users to convert, you need to understand what the keywords and consumers truly want to consume. This means that SEO today is not about changing the Meta tags, but it’s about enhancing the brand’s digital ecosystem.


SEO has a lot to do with the way users engage in a site and deal with the rankings. The reason for this concept is that there are always 5m Google results which came up when searching for ‘UX and SEO.’ UX and SEO are part of one box, whether we acknowledge these or not.



Every side of SEO and UX brings in different tools, best practices, and data to the table. If you are wondering as to how, you can maximize these inputs for creating a findable, usable and irresistible output. The UX designers are always relying on the interactions, wireframes and storytelling to convey experience created towards the users. But the SEO experts rely on the search data directly from the users to share the same experience. SEO has got the data which the UX needs and in turn UX has the design framework which SEO needs.


The moment you understand that SEO and UX are immeasurable, the better way to handle them is to start working in parallel when the design becomes high performing and usable. Given below are the 4 things you require when aligning UX and SEO to the same goals:


A Usable and Searchable Site

The site is useful only if it’s found by the users. According to the Forrester’s statistics, 93% of the online experience starts with a search. But according to different reports, a user experience starts even before arriving onto the site.


UX decisions are backed by Real Life User Data

First: The design decisions are based on the data from a sample size far larger than the focus groups, previous design experience, and the usability studies.  The SEO experts use the keyword data for the identification of patterns as to how the people are searching on the topics they are searching on. The SEO experts are also using keyword data for the identification of patterns in how the people search and the topics they are looking for. You can equip the UX designers with the real life data, directly informing the people who are going to be served by web experience.


SEO insights are also baked into the site experience, locating the site to perform its best in the organic search from day one, instead of spending the resources applying the band-Aids post lunch.


Few Post Launch Errors Leading to a Smooth Experience

It’s really important to recognize that a broken link on the error page is not just about the SEO problem. It comes mainly under the user problem. For instance, if a user clicks on the link and is expected to go somewhere new, they can discover more information that they care about. They are eager to check out your error page and don’t have the patience for figuring out where the real content comes from. So solving the site issues is a priority for both the UX and SEO experts.


Dealing with the Problems in a Creative Way

Identification of an SEO obstacle leads to creative problem solving, making a site even better than its design. When it comes to working with a UX designer for the development of new site architecture, you have to explain the proposed design for optimizing the long tail for the highly relevant topics. But at the last, you can modify the site architecture and templates for accommodating the additional content level, which is a concept reused throughout the site.


The partnership of UX with SEO leads more towards the SEO goal and is also improved upon the design and resources available for the visitors. If you partner up with UX and SEO, you would never have to hear a complaint from the boss, end-user and clients regarding it.


If you want to know more about UX and SEO, you can consult with the UX and SEO professionals at Medialinkers. You can also read the Medialinkers Kennesaw Reviews for yourself.

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cover of UX vs UI

An Overview of UX & UI

UI & UX are the two most important terms in digital designing. You can think of UI as the saddle, the reigns, and the stirrups, whereas UX can be thought of riding the horse and roping the cattle.


This is what how it was considered in the old days. No matter how this may sound, there are still a lot of misconceptions and complications which can come around when it comes to differentiating between the UI and UX designs. Even the concept has been around for quite some time, it still causes the community to go into a complete stir whenever it’s brought up.


The interesting thing about both these terms is that there are people working in a field which get paid more only because they act and know the differences between both these fields and most of the time, they are harnessing  the knowledge of a little bit of both.


The standardized definition of User Interface design is termed as the part of the product which the user faces when looking at the site while the User experience is something which they feel when looking at a site. The user experience can be taken into a broader spectrum and it’s tested and known through various tools.


Furthermore, a good user experience is part of all good user interfaces, but not all user interfaces are good at providing a good user experience. In other words, you can say that a good user interface is an important inner element of a good UX.


The infographic published below gives a visual explanation between both these terms. For any query or assistance, you can feel free to consult with the UI/UX professionals of Medialinkers, web design agency in Kennesaw. Read out the Medialinkers Reviews to learn more about the company.

Medialinkers UX vs UI

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medilinkers responsive web design

What and why is Responsive Web Design Important?


The field of web design has progressed to a point where it has become really difficult to keep up with the new resolutions and devices. Creation of a website version for every new device and resolution is going to be impossible, or quite impractical. Rather than suffering from the consequences of losing your visitors from a device, and making another benefit from the others, the best option is to go with the term “responsive web design.”



What do you understand by responsive web design?



The term responsive web design suggests that the development and design must respond to the device, its screen size, orientation, and the platform. This practice consists of flexible layouts and grids, intelligent use of CSS media queries and images. This means that in a responsive web design, when a user switches from one device to another, such as from laptop to iPad, the website would automatically switch for accommodating the image size, resolution, and the scripting abilities. In a few other words, the sites need to have the technology for responding to the user’s preferences. This would help in the elimination of a different design and development phase for every new gadget on the market.


Due to the benefits that it offers, the trend of responsive web design is on the rise. You can check the slides compiled by Medialinkers web design for reviewing more information on why the responsive web designs have become immensely important for every webmaster.


Medialinkers: Trends-Statistics of Responsive Web Design from web design kennesaw
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medialinkers seo experts

Seven On-Page SEO Tips to Pay Attention to

Every business is looking to gain the online presence; however, an online presence on the internet is a huge challenge. Most of the time, the marketing, and the web development teams are not on the same page, and their difference of strategy and ideas leads to a disaster. This is why, to ensure that everything turns out to be fine; you need to implement the following strategies.

Blocking the Staging Servers

The most common issue lies in the staging and development version of a website. These are also quite crucial to the testing of landing pages, being the most vulnerable regions of the site. Without the access controllers, the search engines would crawl and index these pages. This would lead to the duplicate content issues, causing a decline in the overall search rankings of the page. To protect this situation from occurring, you can do the following:

Specify the IP range, which utilize firewall to block search spiders

Include a ‘robots.txt’ file at the development’s server root, and disallow the links that shouldn’t be crawled and indexed.

Finally create a password-protected login page, preventing the spiders from accessing the content.

Work on Redirects

Redirects are used for indicating the new locations of the pages if they are deleted or moved recently. Without the redirects, you would lose all your search traffic, which is what makes them a common practice in the SEO world.

The 302 redirect is for temporarily redirections, as they pass no link value to the target page. For using a permanent redirect, you need to use the 301 redirect.

The Redirect Hops

Using multiple redirects require a chain of extra server requests, which slows down the page delivery. And in situations where the chain exceeds five hops, the search engines would neglect crawling it which means that it would not be indexed regularly. Also, this way the link value would be lost with each redirect.

Through the extensive redirect usage, your server performance would be impacted negatively. To counter this, you can use the regex and the wildcards.


Canonicalization is the method through which you can prioritize a single web page as the source of content. The duplicate content issue becomes the problem when the same content is found on the multiple website pages and its authoritative source isn’t clear. For example, these links would cause duplicate content problems




For managing the duplicate URLs effectively, you can always implement a 301 redirect, as it would help in pointing each URL variant at the preferred URL or the canonical one.

You also need to note that the URLs which render the same page content without or with a trailing slash also cause duplication. This is why; it’s wise to configure the URLs with or without the trailing slash. This way, you can redirect the 301 rule for directing the users away from the discarded version. You need to ensure the internal navigation points directly at the right URL for maximizing the link value within the site.

Another way you can do this is to use the rel=canonical tag on every option, to indicate the search engines about the authoritative source.

Go Responsive

Leaving the mobile users and targeting only the desktop users would make you miss out on the massive search traffic from the mobile devices. Also, according to a website named comScore, the mobile users have increased more than the internet users. Also, google has taken the mobile platform seriously, with their Mobilegeddeon update.

Some people try to make the mobile version of their desktop site, using the subdomain (m.mysite.com) but this doesn’t only sounds like a costly plan but also the extra resources for managing the two separate sites. This can also lead to the duplicate issues when the pages are not properly tagged, resulting in a google penalty.

So instead of creating a separate mobile site, you can implement the responsive design technique, as the mobile-first approach always start quite well, making it attractive and functional at the same time.

Speeding the pages

Not only is this bad for business, it may also attract the wrong sort of attention from Google.

Page speed is a key ingredient when it comes to the Google’s ranking algorithm. You need to pay utmost attention to the page loading time; otherwise the users would abandon your site.

The developers and the designers must ensure that the site is well optimized, using the following recommendations:

  • The inline styles for the “above the fold’ content
  • Avoid using the bloated code removing the CSS and the JavaScript to external files
  • Minimize the source code to remove the ‘white space.’
  • Use CSS sprites for reducing the server requests
  • Enable asynchronous rendering and downloading of external JavaScript files

Using the Right HTML elements

From SEO perspective, the most important HTML elements include the headings, title, and the alt tags. You need to optimize them to make the search engines understand your web page.

Also, the right heading structure makes it easy for the screen readers to decipher the content areas.

But always use H1 tag just once on the entire page, and make it relevant to the content of the page.

Managing Errors

Also, make sure to return the ‘404: Not Found’ response code, to show up for the pages that are moved or deleted. This is because, Google won’t index those pages.

Most of the time, developers use the ‘200: ok’ response code which becomes problematic, as these URLs get indexed by Google. These can also get your site penalized by the Google Panda against quality assessment which is why; always pay attention to the broken links and the missing errors, which your site has got.

By following these practices, you are well on your way to running a successful SEO campaign for your client’s projects.  For more details, you can consult with Medialinkers SEO Experts.

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web design by medialinkers

10 Tips to Improve Web Design, Infographic


Designing a company website is a very challenging task. This is because you need to juggle the expectations of a lot of stakeholders, and you can hit many obstacles in the meanwhile, which would prevent the generation of new ideas. At that time, you would feel as if you have hit the wall. But there are a lot of ways through which you can improve your design skills.


You can always follow the tricks, tips and general advice for building an impeccable design. Follow the tips mentioned in the infographic by Medialinkers below for creating a great website design.


Medialinkers web design tips

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MediaLinkers, an Overview from Clients and Employees End


MediaLinkers is a web design company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded by M Saj, in the year 2002, we offer services in the web design and internet marketing niche. With the help of our fully customized and professional site designs, we help in the communication of your messages, for the promotion of your business.


MediaLinkers aim to help small to large business owners by maximizing their revenue through the building of an established internet presence. Our employees are extremely experienced in the development and designing of eCommerce as well as small business sites.


In the last 13 years, we have built thousands of projects for our clients, including both the front-end and custom back end programming projects. In addition, we also educate our clients about the ways through which they can earn valuable clients for their business, and this is a reason why, we have a separate department for the internet marketing and SEO of client websites, as this helps the businesses in gaining the traffic it desires.


So, in case you are looking to implement a new business idea or want to give a new look to your site, you can promote the existing business by giving us a call. Due to the excellent results that MediaLinkers Atlanta Web Design Company has achieved, we have extended our web design services to the city of Kennesaw. By working closely with our clients from concept to delivery, we help in turning the visitors become customers through their sites.


Client Reviews about MediaLinkers Web Design Company


Some of the clients that have worked with us include Jesse Manska of the JP Bears, Randy Koenig of the1800sonogram.com and Scott Brown of Atlanta Capital, whose reviews you can read from our testimonials section on medialinkers.com. For more reviews, you can also head to MediaLinkers Official Facebook and Google+ Page.


Employees Reviews about the MediaLinkers Web Design Company


In addition to clients and customers, we offer a friendly environment for our employees and have offered jobs to a lot of people through a popular job resume portal indeed. For reading about the reviews of our different employees who have worked with us in the past or are currently working with us, feel free to visit a Medialinkers web design page on indeed.com.


medialinkers reviews at indeed

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Google Finally Rolled Out Panda 4.2 Update, After a Period of 10 Months

Google Finally Rolled Out Panda 4.2 Update, After a Period of 10 Months: For all those people, who were waiting for the Google’s Panda update to roll out, are going to greet the news of Google finally confirming the release date of the update. In fact, according to Google, the update has been released already in this week, on the 18th of July to be exact, but unlike the previous updates, this roll out is happening quite slowly.


Also, according to Google itself, the update is going to take a lot of months to roll out fully and would impact your site slowly. The Panda update algorithm is a site-wide algorithm and some of your pages might not see an immediate change but would be affected by it later on.


Google last updated its Panda Algorithm 10 months ago, on 25th September 2014. Overall, it was the 28th update, but as some fluctuations in the search results were seen in the month of October last year, it could be considered as the 29th or 30th update overall.


Google said this impacted about 2-3% of English language queries. The update is a new start for a lot of webmasters while penalizing many others at the same time.


All those webmasters who were previously penalized by Google Panda update have a chance to redeem their site if they have made the appropriate changes, while at the same time if you were relying on the black hat methods; you won’t see a huge impact on your rankings but would slowly see it declining over time this time around.


For having yourself, recovered professionally from the Google Panda update, you can hire the Atlanta SEO company Medialinkers.

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