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Google Cards by Medialinkers

Google Testing another Search Results Feature “Local Business Cards”

The search results will soon be equipped with another feature “Local Business Cards,” as Google has started testing it with the search results. This is a reasonable description of a new card carousel which features content from local businesses near the search results top.  This is a real test, as confirmed by Google itself, since local business cards are built on the similar display functionality as the candidate cards launched some time ago.


It is nothing more than an experiment at this phase. It is all about custom content, not withdrawn from Google My Business or other feeds. It is also worth noticing that Google has allowed and introduced animations for the first time on the search result pages.


The format was built keeping mobile users in mind to equally display in PC results. The local business cards will appear immediately aside the Knowledge Panel displaying that business on desktops and below the knowledge panel below the mobile.


As far as candidate cards are concerned the intent is to permit business to communicate directly in search results. Information and content highlights the business services and products in ways which knowledge panel doesn’t allow. Content cannot be shared within carousel.


The feature is quite significant for local SEO, however Google has not yet confirmed if the Local Business Cards will be made a permanent feature of search results or not.


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GooGoogle Reviews by Medialinkers

Google Fixes the Drop in Review Stars

A lot of review stars against company sites in the search result pages for different queries have returned back to the normal state. Webmasters saw removal of business review stars in search results. Mozcast, Popular SEO tool’s SERP Graph feature showed a decline from 35% to 22% for a number of queries in the past few days, and had many webmasters and SEOs worried.


Many doubted Google for doing it purposefully as another major search engine change; however, since nothing official has come out from Google, and the things are back to normal in the SERPs arena, we can safely say that the removal of reviews was caused due to a bug instead of an intentional move by Google.


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Google Further Explains What the Part of “Core Algorithm” Means

Google integrated Panda update as part of its core ranking algorithm last week. This news created a lot of buzz in the SEO world. Everyone kept guessing its impact on the search rankings as no clear answers were given regarding what it really meant. However, now you just have to stop guessing, as Google has released more information about the “core update. “


The core update means that the algorithm is good enough to work on its own and to keep up with the future trends and changes, without requiring a lot of manual monitoring.   Google’s Andrey Lipattsev, answered a lot of questions clearing the confusions of many SEOs and webmasters in a Q&A session.


According to him the core update doesn’t mean an entirely new functionality but is simply an improved part of the ranking algorithm. He further explained it with this analogy:


Think of it like the cars of the past that required the users to start them manually using certain tools as they didn’t come installed with the engine starters. Today, a lot of cars have in-built petrol engines and no manual work is needed to start them. The overall idea is the same but things have become more convenient.


Connecting it Google Panda, he further added that the basic concept of why Panda was introduced by Google has not changed; it has been tested to work in the past and is now part of the core algorithm update. In other words, any update that comes to a stage to work 100% on its own without requiring any changes simply becomes a part of the core algorithm. Check Andrey Lipattsev Video for more details.


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Google Adwords Program with Lending Club in Testing Waters

Google Adwords Program with Lending Club in Testing Waters

A lot of Adwords advertisers have received emails from Google about the loan offers from the lending club. The loans are specifically used for funding the Adwords advertising campaigns. According to the email message, a loan offer is made to help the business owners in financing their Adwords advertising.


However, this is a limited test and according to the Google spokesperson, they are running a small referral test on the new potential payment options, as part of the ongoing work of delivering advertising solutions.


The AdWords business credit card program has been phased by Google on February 1st, 2015. Google also partnered up with the credit card program of banks, launching it in the UK and US in the year 2012. This has given smaller businesses access for crediting their Adwords campaigns. This new lending club program can be the replacement option for that program if it works out.


The Lending club marketplace, lenders focus on the customer peer to peer lending. In April 2015, the lending club joined forces with the Alibaba group and Google, for work services securing the low-interest loans. The Google funds those loans itself, lending the club powers a customized and automated underwriting process for Google. For those who don’t know the entire picture, Google was also an early investor in the Lending club.


As for the long experiment by Adwords, Google is referring leads to the lending club, not offering the landing. If the loan is approved, the club makes sure to facilitate funding the business’s Adwords account directly.


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Medialinkers Google update

The New Penguin Update Would be a Real-Time Update, Says Gary Illyes


According to Google’ Gary Illyes, the new “real-time” version of Penguin algorithm is set to be released by the end of this year. However, Gary Illyes also said that back in July, he also mentioned the update to be months away and now those we are at the start of the October, we are almost there. Illyes however, was pretty over cautious about the update and didn’t share any details or the exact time of the happening of update.


New “Real-time” Penguin


The new version of the Penguin algorithm would be “realtime.” This means that as soon as the link is disavowed or removed, it would be processed by the Penguin algorithm at the real time, which would help the webmasters to recover from the google penalties in an incredibly quicker way. Also, at the same time, your website would now be more prone to the Penguin penalty if it’s not been linked from the lucrative sources.


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