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Google Cards by Medialinkers

Google Testing another Search Results Feature “Local Business Cards”

The search results will soon be equipped with another feature “Local Business Cards,” as Google has started testing it with the search results. This is a reasonable description of a new card carousel which features content from local businesses near the search results top.  This is a real test, as confirmed by Google itself, since local business cards are built on the similar display functionality as the candidate cards launched some time ago.


It is nothing more than an experiment at this phase. It is all about custom content, not withdrawn from Google My Business or other feeds. It is also worth noticing that Google has allowed and introduced animations for the first time on the search result pages.


The format was built keeping mobile users in mind to equally display in PC results. The local business cards will appear immediately aside the Knowledge Panel displaying that business on desktops and below the knowledge panel below the mobile.


As far as candidate cards are concerned the intent is to permit business to communicate directly in search results. Information and content highlights the business services and products in ways which knowledge panel doesn’t allow. Content cannot be shared within carousel.


The feature is quite significant for local SEO, however Google has not yet confirmed if the Local Business Cards will be made a permanent feature of search results or not.


For news, stay tuned to Medialinkers Kennesaw web design agency.

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medialinkers FB Updates

Facebook is Now Connecting People over Sports via Sports Stadium

Facebook has introduced a feature known as “Sports Stadium” to its messenger app for catering to the needs of sport enthusiasts.  The Sports Stadium feature will allow sports fans to connect with each other, sharing information related to games, stats, teams, etc.  The sports stadium also allows users to play-by-play action, taking the gaming experience to the next level.


The feature is only available to the US users through Facebook’s iOS app for now, and includes American Football games; however games such as basketball will be added later on.


You can access the feature by conducting a simple Search for a game in Facebook’s main app.  The dashboard consists of information like live scores, news, commentary, stats window and sports personalities to start with.  Last but not the least, Sports stadium also tells you which of your friends are currently watching a game.


In short, it provides a real-time sports experience of watching a game, in addition to sharing it around with your fellow sports enthusiasts.

Facebook CEO shared to encourage people over sports through this feature and promised to further improve on it over time through user feedback.

Stay tuned to Medialinkers blog for more news.

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Medialinkers FB Update

What Facebook Plans for 2016?

Facebook is pushing boundaries with every year and this year too, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has set a few challenges to further grow the social network in both the social and professional ways. Reportedly, Mark Zuckerberg wants to develop an artificially intelligent system to respond to his requirements. This may sound too farfetched, but so were the idea of Facebook becoming a pioneer in the long list of social networks.


How Facebook is setting p for this year is the main question covered in this blog post. For the first time, the digital advertising will take the majority of share in the marketing niche (Source: Campaign).


This is due to the following 4 components:


  • Increase in Mobile Technology
  • High Broadband Speed
  • Quality Videos
  • Social Media Promotion

Digital Marketing in 2015


  • Brands continued to compete with each other to stay on top incorporating methods such as quick response times and a high moderation level.
  • The number of organic outreach without the paid media spent decreased further. Everyone who has experienced knew that incorporating the organic with the paid marketing through a digital agency such as Medialinkers is the only way to have a complete yet successful marketing strategy.
  • Brands hired social media marketers to manage their social accounts and to continuously engage with their audience in 2015.
  • Facebook started development work of its own live streaming app, considering the continuous success of the live streaming apps by other networks.
  • Instagram and Snapchat gained more followers. In fact, 71% of young audience preferred Snapchat over Facebook. (Source: Omnicore).

What the Year 2016 Holds

  • A lot of new technologies will make their way in the world of social media. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has already announced the release of new Facebook features, apps and setups this month.
  • 360 Videos is set to define the technology world. Facebook Oculus Rift, as claimed by Zuckerberg will offer the best virtual reality experience in the world.
  • With 800 million monthly users, Facebook Messenger is set to become a powerful app on its own, with additional features such as Sending and Receiving Money and the Virtual Business cards.
  • Facebook Live as a rival to current live streaming apps such as Periscope. Can it take off and make its mark? We are not sure it can gain traction over existing apps quick enough to make its mark.
  • Facebook Live to compete with the popular live streaming apps such as Periscope.
  • Facebook at Work an exclusive social network to improve collaboration with colleagues Source: CNET

How these features will bring a change in our lives and to the network itself is something which we will see as the year 2016 unfolds.

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