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Medialinkers Social Mdia Trends


Social media has revolutionized the way we do business today. According to the CEO Ryan Holmes, it would dominate the digital marketing world more in the upcoming year 2016. With about 2 billion active social media users’ world over, it is beyond doubt the way you can do business through social media. The sum is growing at a growing rate of 25% every year.


Businesses are now implementing social media marketing for generating more leads as everyone today is present on social media. There are about 9 out of 10 US companies who are using social media actively. The same percentage reports an increased exposure in their result and about half of them say that the social media efforts have boosted their overall sales.


If you are wondering as to what impact it may have in 2016, you can check out more trends and statistics from the infographic published below by the Medialinkers seo and social media team.


social Media Trends by Medialinkers

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Mdialinkers Penguin Update

Google Penguin Won’t be rolled out until Next Year

It’s been a long while since Google has released the Penguin update, a lot of SEOs and webmasters were expecting Google to release the Penguin update by the end of this year.  However, due to the holidays, Google won’t update the Penguin algorithm until the next year.


According to an interview of Google Spokesperson with the Search Engine Land, the Penguin won’t be rolled out until the start of the New Year.


Quick info about the Next Penguin Update:


The Next or the upcoming Penguin update is expected to be real-time, which means that as soon as Google discovers these links to your site, whether these are good or bad, the Penguin would analyze those in the real time and the ranking changes would happen in the real time.


Penguin continuously would update everything as opposed to the webmasters and SEOs, having to wait years or months for Google to update it. The last official update of Penguin happened last year on Oct 17th, 2014, which was more than a year ago.


This means that all the webmasters who are waiting to have their link profiles cleaned and recover from the Penguin penalty may just have to wait now.


For more news on Google Penguin update, stay tuned to the Medialinkers SEO News blog.

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Google Is Now Using Boost User Review Points, Beefing up the Maps Content


2 years ago, Google created a platform similar to the Yelp Elite Squad known as the city experts. It was targeted to accelerating the “high quality: acquisition through the local business reviews. This program’s name was changed in January for the Local Guides. This means that the original program was about offering rewards based on the number of the submitted review. After about 50 reviews, the members need to become part of a Google+ community and to be invited to the local events. Reviews are also required for meeting the quality guidelines.


Shifting away from Google+, and after renaming the program, Google is there to revamp its incentives. Also, the company is trying to broaden the participation and the types of collected content.


Given below are the levels and the new system of points:


  • Level 1 (0-4 points): You can enter contests in the selected countries.
  • Level 2 (5-49 points): you can also gain access to the new products of Google and its features.
  • Level 3 (50-199 points) Showing Google Maps app with the official local guides’ badge.
  • Level 4(200-499 points): Receiving a free 1 TB upgrade of the drive storage, allowing keeping the photos, stories and videos from the travels in a safe place.
  • Level 5 (500+ points): the top local guides would become eligible to apply for attending the inaugural summit in 2016, where you would be able to meet the other top guides from the world over. You can also explore the Google campus, for getting the latest info about the Maps. You need to check the details early next year.


The rewarding system is based on the points which can be earned in different ways, instead of the contribution of reviews. Google has also said that “more points can be earned in different ways through the writing of reviews, adding new places, uploading pictures, fixing the outdated information and answering the simple questions.” Each type of contribution is equivalent to one point, which means that you can always earn up to 5 points per place.


In the other words, the company has got a broadened the different local guides functions for not just offering the reviews, tips, and pictures, but also for helping flag and fix the inaccurate and incomplete information.


For more news and information, you can stay up-to-date with the Medialinkers blog. You can also check the Medialinkers Reviews for more details.

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Google Adwords Program with Lending Club in Testing Waters

Google Adwords Program with Lending Club in Testing Waters

A lot of Adwords advertisers have received emails from Google about the loan offers from the lending club. The loans are specifically used for funding the Adwords advertising campaigns. According to the email message, a loan offer is made to help the business owners in financing their Adwords advertising.


However, this is a limited test and according to the Google spokesperson, they are running a small referral test on the new potential payment options, as part of the ongoing work of delivering advertising solutions.


The AdWords business credit card program has been phased by Google on February 1st, 2015. Google also partnered up with the credit card program of banks, launching it in the UK and US in the year 2012. This has given smaller businesses access for crediting their Adwords campaigns. This new lending club program can be the replacement option for that program if it works out.


The Lending club marketplace, lenders focus on the customer peer to peer lending. In April 2015, the lending club joined forces with the Alibaba group and Google, for work services securing the low-interest loans. The Google funds those loans itself, lending the club powers a customized and automated underwriting process for Google. For those who don’t know the entire picture, Google was also an early investor in the Lending club.


As for the long experiment by Adwords, Google is referring leads to the lending club, not offering the landing. If the loan is approved, the club makes sure to facilitate funding the business’s Adwords account directly.


For the latest news, stay tuned to the blog of Medialinkers and check out the latest Medialinkers testimonials for knowing the type of work we deliver!

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SEO and UX by medialinkers

Benefits of Aligning UX and SEO When Building the Website

SEO is often termed as rankings on the search results page, but this is part of just one story. SEO however, is all about understanding what the consumers are looking for and recognizing how the brand can provide value in a moment.


Google is increasingly considering the user behavior signals and today things such as page load time, button size on a mobile screen and ad cluttering above the fold are all about the user experience weight and signals in the organic search algorithm.


For the users to convert, you need to understand what the keywords and consumers truly want to consume. This means that SEO today is not about changing the Meta tags, but it’s about enhancing the brand’s digital ecosystem.


SEO has a lot to do with the way users engage in a site and deal with the rankings. The reason for this concept is that there are always 5m Google results which came up when searching for ‘UX and SEO.’ UX and SEO are part of one box, whether we acknowledge these or not.



Every side of SEO and UX brings in different tools, best practices, and data to the table. If you are wondering as to how, you can maximize these inputs for creating a findable, usable and irresistible output. The UX designers are always relying on the interactions, wireframes and storytelling to convey experience created towards the users. But the SEO experts rely on the search data directly from the users to share the same experience. SEO has got the data which the UX needs and in turn UX has the design framework which SEO needs.


The moment you understand that SEO and UX are immeasurable, the better way to handle them is to start working in parallel when the design becomes high performing and usable. Given below are the 4 things you require when aligning UX and SEO to the same goals:


A Usable and Searchable Site

The site is useful only if it’s found by the users. According to the Forrester’s statistics, 93% of the online experience starts with a search. But according to different reports, a user experience starts even before arriving onto the site.


UX decisions are backed by Real Life User Data

First: The design decisions are based on the data from a sample size far larger than the focus groups, previous design experience, and the usability studies.  The SEO experts use the keyword data for the identification of patterns as to how the people are searching on the topics they are searching on. The SEO experts are also using keyword data for the identification of patterns in how the people search and the topics they are looking for. You can equip the UX designers with the real life data, directly informing the people who are going to be served by web experience.


SEO insights are also baked into the site experience, locating the site to perform its best in the organic search from day one, instead of spending the resources applying the band-Aids post lunch.


Few Post Launch Errors Leading to a Smooth Experience

It’s really important to recognize that a broken link on the error page is not just about the SEO problem. It comes mainly under the user problem. For instance, if a user clicks on the link and is expected to go somewhere new, they can discover more information that they care about. They are eager to check out your error page and don’t have the patience for figuring out where the real content comes from. So solving the site issues is a priority for both the UX and SEO experts.


Dealing with the Problems in a Creative Way

Identification of an SEO obstacle leads to creative problem solving, making a site even better than its design. When it comes to working with a UX designer for the development of new site architecture, you have to explain the proposed design for optimizing the long tail for the highly relevant topics. But at the last, you can modify the site architecture and templates for accommodating the additional content level, which is a concept reused throughout the site.


The partnership of UX with SEO leads more towards the SEO goal and is also improved upon the design and resources available for the visitors. If you partner up with UX and SEO, you would never have to hear a complaint from the boss, end-user and clients regarding it.


If you want to know more about UX and SEO, you can consult with the UX and SEO professionals at Medialinkers. You can also read the Medialinkers Kennesaw Reviews for yourself.

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cover fb by ML

Statistics of FaceBook Advertising in 2015

Facebook has become the top social networking platform today. With easy access worldwide, it is no more a simple social networking tool. Today, it is used by businesses of various types for connecting with their employees.


Facebook without any doubt is a tool that has grown to become the backbone of many small to medium marketing and advertising companies. If you are unaware of the potential of Facebook for business advertising, then feel free to read the facts and figures below and learn why it has become the number 1 social netowrking medium today.


If you want to run the Facebook advertising campaigns, then you can always consult with a professional company such as Medialinkers.


Medialinkers FB

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