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questions you should ask a web design & development company

Questions You Should Ask A Web Design & Development Company

Most of our client are great business owners who know nothing about web design or development. Naturally, they come to us with a ton of questions you should ask a web design & development company. Having an educated client aids in making sure that we exceed their expectations. It also makes them more likely to become a steady, ongoing part of our family-like network.


This will be a multi-part series where we have compiled a list of the most important questions you should ask a web design & development company. Knowing the answers or what to expect should help to make the best decision for you. Some of the questions are self-directed, while others are mentioned for the developer, or red flags you should avoid.


  1. Does their Portfolio reflect the style you like?
    • Are there examples on their portfolio that reflect your style or your vision? Does their finished work look great, or is there some experience left to be had? Most companies do not display all of their work; however, you should be able to tell if they are capable of the look you want to achieve. If it isn’t apparent, do not be afraid to ask-they may have something up their sleeves to show you.
  2. Does the company have a knowledgeable process for work completion?
    • A company that has a proven process that works will not hesitate in explaining to you the way they work. A clear and well established work plan does not have to be detailed in writing. However, it should be able to easily be explained in a way that you understand. Look for a company that asks a ton of questions; it shows they are listening and the wheels in their head are turning a solution specifically for you.
  3. Does the company have reviews or references?
    • People usually leave reviews when they were either really impressed, or very disappointed. Take some time to check not just their own supplied reviews, but those on social media, Google, and other review sites. The ones published by a third party are less likely to be modified and may truly reflect their business. Privacy issues may affect the ability to provide direct references, but a portfolio should be readily available. References that are provided should have nothing but good to say about them.
  4. What is your experience?
    • In other words, can they do the work requested? How can they assure you that they can perform the work? A web design or development company will be able to understand your requirements with ease, and be quick to discuss follow-up questions or concerns to make sure that they get it right. They will not lead your discussion with their offers, rather let you explain what is needed. Then they are prepared to offer a solution that covers everything you planned, and everything you did not. It is easy to get distracted by bells and whistles of those who seem to have a preplanned go-to. Watch for companies that try to steer you away from building from your core business process in order to fit the mold they use.
  5. What is the lead time for starting a project?
    • Some may say that a free web developer, or one that does not have at least 1-2 weeks waiting time before starting should be meet with skepticism. However, many companies have a large team and resources to start a project. Plan to start within one month of beginning your search or run the risk of quotes expiring or other potential issues. DO consider the project deadline so that you leave enough time to complete the project without rushing.
  6. Does the company outsource their work?
    • This is a highly discussed subject in IT, and is sometimes a sore spot. Some companies do all of the work themselves (in-house), either in their office or by offshore development (their employees). Others may outsource some or all of their work to another company, which is usually offshore. Knowing which model they follow can help avoid going through any issues commonly associated with outsourced projects. Why go through a middle man when you can go directly to the source?
  7. How do you determine pricing or what is the cost?
    • Pricing is different for any web development or design company you meet. Costs usually depend on the total time and resources required. Some projects or tasks need to be billed hourly or can be charged a flat rate. Pricing can also vary according to the number of employees required, API integration, or even the speed you need it completed. Everyone has heard the horror stories of being told one price, and then later having to pay more. Just be sure to get a clear understanding of ALL fees involved, when they are expected, and what is the refund process in the event that things just don’t work out.
  8. Are they local?
    • A very important factor, we can’t stress enough how much easier a project can be with someone local. Choosing a local web design or development company is recommended because it enables you to sit down face to face with someone. Companies not local to you can lead to more frustrations when it’s  time discuss requirements, details, or changes. In the event that there is an issue, you can bring it directly to them because you know who and where they are.

We are about halfway through this list, but the best is yet to come. Check back next week for part two of most important questions you should ask a web design & development company. We plan on wrapping up with topics that really set web design and development companies apart, including why you should use MediaLinkers for your next project!

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Medialinkers Social Mdia Trends


Social media has revolutionized the way we do business today. According to the CEO Ryan Holmes, it would dominate the digital marketing world more in the upcoming year 2016. With about 2 billion active social media users’ world over, it is beyond doubt the way you can do business through social media. The sum is growing at a growing rate of 25% every year.


Businesses are now implementing social media marketing for generating more leads as everyone today is present on social media. There are about 9 out of 10 US companies who are using social media actively. The same percentage reports an increased exposure in their result and about half of them say that the social media efforts have boosted their overall sales.


If you are wondering as to what impact it may have in 2016, you can check out more trends and statistics from the infographic published below by the Medialinkers seo and social media team.


social Media Trends by Medialinkers

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Google Is Now Using Boost User Review Points, Beefing up the Maps Content


2 years ago, Google created a platform similar to the Yelp Elite Squad known as the city experts. It was targeted to accelerating the “high quality: acquisition through the local business reviews. This program’s name was changed in January for the Local Guides. This means that the original program was about offering rewards based on the number of the submitted review. After about 50 reviews, the members need to become part of a Google+ community and to be invited to the local events. Reviews are also required for meeting the quality guidelines.


Shifting away from Google+, and after renaming the program, Google is there to revamp its incentives. Also, the company is trying to broaden the participation and the types of collected content.


Given below are the levels and the new system of points:


  • Level 1 (0-4 points): You can enter contests in the selected countries.
  • Level 2 (5-49 points): you can also gain access to the new products of Google and its features.
  • Level 3 (50-199 points) Showing Google Maps app with the official local guides’ badge.
  • Level 4(200-499 points): Receiving a free 1 TB upgrade of the drive storage, allowing keeping the photos, stories and videos from the travels in a safe place.
  • Level 5 (500+ points): the top local guides would become eligible to apply for attending the inaugural summit in 2016, where you would be able to meet the other top guides from the world over. You can also explore the Google campus, for getting the latest info about the Maps. You need to check the details early next year.


The rewarding system is based on the points which can be earned in different ways, instead of the contribution of reviews. Google has also said that “more points can be earned in different ways through the writing of reviews, adding new places, uploading pictures, fixing the outdated information and answering the simple questions.” Each type of contribution is equivalent to one point, which means that you can always earn up to 5 points per place.


In the other words, the company has got a broadened the different local guides functions for not just offering the reviews, tips, and pictures, but also for helping flag and fix the inaccurate and incomplete information.


For more news and information, you can stay up-to-date with the Medialinkers blog. You can also check the Medialinkers Reviews for more details.

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medilinkers responsive web design

What and why is Responsive Web Design Important?


The field of web design has progressed to a point where it has become really difficult to keep up with the new resolutions and devices. Creation of a website version for every new device and resolution is going to be impossible, or quite impractical. Rather than suffering from the consequences of losing your visitors from a device, and making another benefit from the others, the best option is to go with the term “responsive web design.”



What do you understand by responsive web design?



The term responsive web design suggests that the development and design must respond to the device, its screen size, orientation, and the platform. This practice consists of flexible layouts and grids, intelligent use of CSS media queries and images. This means that in a responsive web design, when a user switches from one device to another, such as from laptop to iPad, the website would automatically switch for accommodating the image size, resolution, and the scripting abilities. In a few other words, the sites need to have the technology for responding to the user’s preferences. This would help in the elimination of a different design and development phase for every new gadget on the market.


Due to the benefits that it offers, the trend of responsive web design is on the rise. You can check the slides compiled by Medialinkers web design for reviewing more information on why the responsive web designs have become immensely important for every webmaster.


Medialinkers: Trends-Statistics of Responsive Web Design from web design kennesaw
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Medialinkers Google update

The New Penguin Update Would be a Real-Time Update, Says Gary Illyes


According to Google’ Gary Illyes, the new “real-time” version of Penguin algorithm is set to be released by the end of this year. However, Gary Illyes also said that back in July, he also mentioned the update to be months away and now those we are at the start of the October, we are almost there. Illyes however, was pretty over cautious about the update and didn’t share any details or the exact time of the happening of update.


New “Real-time” Penguin


The new version of the Penguin algorithm would be “realtime.” This means that as soon as the link is disavowed or removed, it would be processed by the Penguin algorithm at the real time, which would help the webmasters to recover from the google penalties in an incredibly quicker way. Also, at the same time, your website would now be more prone to the Penguin penalty if it’s not been linked from the lucrative sources.


For more information, stay tuned to the blog section of Medialinkers.

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MediaLinkers, an Overview from Clients and Employees End


MediaLinkers is a web design company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded by M Saj, in the year 2002, we offer services in the web design and internet marketing niche. With the help of our fully customized and professional site designs, we help in the communication of your messages, for the promotion of your business.


MediaLinkers aim to help small to large business owners by maximizing their revenue through the building of an established internet presence. Our employees are extremely experienced in the development and designing of eCommerce as well as small business sites.


In the last 13 years, we have built thousands of projects for our clients, including both the front-end and custom back end programming projects. In addition, we also educate our clients about the ways through which they can earn valuable clients for their business, and this is a reason why, we have a separate department for the internet marketing and SEO of client websites, as this helps the businesses in gaining the traffic it desires.


So, in case you are looking to implement a new business idea or want to give a new look to your site, you can promote the existing business by giving us a call. Due to the excellent results that MediaLinkers Atlanta Web Design Company has achieved, we have extended our web design services to the city of Kennesaw. By working closely with our clients from concept to delivery, we help in turning the visitors become customers through their sites.


Client Reviews about MediaLinkers Web Design Company


Some of the clients that have worked with us include Jesse Manska of the JP Bears, Randy Koenig of the1800sonogram.com and Scott Brown of Atlanta Capital, whose reviews you can read from our testimonials section on medialinkers.com. For more reviews, you can also head to MediaLinkers Official Facebook and Google+ Page.


Employees Reviews about the MediaLinkers Web Design Company


In addition to clients and customers, we offer a friendly environment for our employees and have offered jobs to a lot of people through a popular job resume portal indeed. For reading about the reviews of our different employees who have worked with us in the past or are currently working with us, feel free to visit a Medialinkers web design page on indeed.com.


medialinkers reviews at indeed

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CherryPickPrices.com is Now Live!

Cherrypickprices.com was a six month project which has successfully been launched thanks to long hours, and intense dedication from all parties. Looking to save time and money within his own business, Dave DeSantis, CEO and Founder of Cherrypickprices.com and local business The Jammin Pie, decided to develop a macro interface that allowed him to analyze and determine the best price of his regular inventory purchased. This proved to be exhausting and extremely time consuming.


“The worst part about the four hours it took just going through two vendor lists, was knowing that when Friday came, most of the prices would change based on market fluctuation,” said DeSantis.


The successfulness behind his initial experiment led to savings of over $12K for the first year, approximately 12% in his supply costs. Realizing the additional benefits that occurred from competition, and the basic economics behind supply and demand, DeSantis ventured out to find a web development company who could replicate and improve his spreadsheet on a BIGGER scale.


After talks with various web development companies, MediaLinkers Web Design‘s small business approach appealed to DeSantis.


“I realized a lot of different companies are overpaying for goods.” DeSantis worked alongside MediaLinkers‘ Chief Technical Officer M. Sajjad in improving his original spreadsheet, and converting it over to an easy to use web interface. Profitability can be achieved much easier with technology and competition working for you. There are various ways that Cherrypickprices.com can benefit your business; don’t miss out on the free trial from now until the end of June 2015.

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ecommerce sales

eCommerce Sales

Thinking about starting an eCommerce website, but afraid it might not prosper? Or do you already have a website, but having doubts on whether starting one was the best idea? Analysts over at The Custora eCommerce Pulse, a free online dashboard that tracks online transactions in real-time from over 100 million retailers, definitely seem to think so! Most online retailers rely on “Cyber Monday” sales to help finish out the year on top, and with the exception of last minute gifts, sales trends tend to drop off in the final stretch of the holiday season. This year, however, the growth of US eCommerce sales hasn’t slowed; it has grown.


The holiday shopping season typically lasts from November 1st until December 14th. For 2014, eCommerce revenue has grown by 15% over the last year. Lower gas prices and bigger sales may have triggered the rise, but in either case, consumers are spending more online. Also increasing in strength this holiday season is mobile sales. Mobile shopping, which includes both tablet and phone orders, accounted for approximately one-fourth of online shopping in just the first two weeks of December alone. This is a big skip from sales in the same period last year.


The popularity of Apple’s mobile products has continuously increased, as well as the amount of online transactions performed on Apple devices. Android devices are surely catching up, but the bulk of sales is still is ruled by Apple. This also supports the importance of making sure your eCommerce website is also “mobile-friendly,” meaning your website is optimized to display correctly on any mobile device. It should be realized that a potential customer will become frustrated, and as a result, not purchase from your site, if they experience difficulties while using the site on a phone or tablet.


Email marketing, usually in the form of subscribed advertising, as well as search engines, still leads the industry with marketing related online sales. Free searches (or organic) through sites such as Google, was the largest means by which companies showcased their goods for sale. This is another reason to increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) quality and rank, which will direct more traffic to your site.


The staff at MediaLinkers understands the constant change of the online world, and works hard to make sure that you do too. While custom websites are our specialty, eCommerce websites, SEO, and payment integration (which is a vital tool in business automation), are a part of the wide range of services we offer. We can schedule a free consultation to go over any and every need for your business, and get you on your way to increasing your profits for your e-commerce website. Using our ability to work with any industry, we can make your online business a success! Contact us today for a FREE quote at (678) 369-6000.

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